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Danny Bevins: American Smart Ass

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I love the fact that being a smart ass is a quality that’s frowned upon by the management of Six Flags, but an absolute necessity for Stand Up comedy

and like Stand Up comedy not everyone can do it well.

You see it takes a true master to pull off smart while being an ass at the same time.

Some people are great at being assholes

but fall very short of being wise...  while others may be acute

but are too friendly to reach perfect ‘ass’ status.  To be a great smart ass you must be intelligent enough to know what you are talking about and an ass enough to be able to communicate it to people who may not want to hear it.

Danny Bevins is that Smart Ass.

He works the stage slow, there’s no outlandish physical motion to exaggerate a simple POV. From the very beginning he molds the audience into one common lump

and proceeds to crack it. The next hour is a wonderful exercise as he takes their slightly shattered façade and remolds them into a cohesive whole

joke after joke.

His bits touch on all the subjects most everyone is familiar with. Jobs, Sex, Politics

they’re all up for grabs. What makes Bevins stand out is he’s wholly disinterested in pandering to an audience.  If a large portion of the crowd is cheering his opinion

he moves towards the people that don’t.

Yes he will challenge you

yes you may agree or disagree as you like, but no matter what

you will laugh.

Because the one fundamental quality that would make you ask to see his manager at a WB themed roller coaster attraction

is the same reason you will wait in line to get his autograph.

Danny Bevins is a master Smart Ass.

If you want to catch him live you have two shows left to do it... Rivercenter Comedy Club 8:30 and 10:45 Saturday, 8:30 Sunday. Next up for him will be a return engagement to the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

to learn more check out Danny's website @

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