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Sony E3 2011: Playstation Vita to offer company new life

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While Microsoft had the morning slot on the first day of E3, Sony opted for an evening conference that same day, rather than waiting until the end. Still recovering from the infamous crippling of the Playstation Network by a small group of hackers (as of this writing, several possible culprits have been arrested), they didn’t exactly have a stellar spring season. I was skeptical at first, but Sony pulled the curtain back on their new portable gaming console and proved no group of hackers were gonna stop them from making some huge headlines:

  1. Sony Apologizes for the PSN Outage: I think among everything that was said while Sony was on stage, this was the most important and best part of the conference. The cyber attack made by the hackers left for some serious explaining on Sony’s part, as well as pressure to share real information on how they will prevent our personal data from being stolen in the future. Having the CEO of Sony come out first and personally discuss the event was both smart and responsible on their part, and I honestly felt calmed by his words. He sounded confident about the improvements and reassuring that we can still trust in their online system.
  2. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception: Can Naughty Dog studios do no wrong? Sony has every reason to plug Uncharted 3 as much as possible, since Nathan Drake’s last adventure was damn near perfect and the 3rd entry looks to top the former. Gorgeous visuals in the midst of back-breaking action set pieces make this next game look like one hell of a ride through Drake’s past. (Hopefully there won’t be any giant blue apes in this one though.)
  3. The Playstation Vita: The Nintendo DS line has proved to be a knockout with the majority of gamers out there, but the Playstation Vita looks to take the crown in a very hardcore way. From the looks of games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and LittleBigPlanet, the Vita is capable of amazing graphics for its small size. As for the touch pad on the back of the machine

    it’ll be interesting to see how developers can incorporate it into their games, and even more interesting how we’ll even be able to use it without hand cramps.

  4. No PS4 Anytime Soon: Why’s this a highlight you might ask? While it’s always exciting to find out what each company is thinking about in terms of the next generation of gaming, Sony is aware that they are just entering the golden period of gaming for the PS3. With a hefty amount of exclusives coming down the pipeline, affordable 3D TVs to bolster their 3D gaming branch and (finally) competitive pricing for the console, the PS3 is in the perfect situation to go full throttle, and I’m happy Sony isn’t showing anxiety in the face of their competitors’ new consoles. Next year, Sony is all about games, and ultimately that’s all that matters.

    click to enlarge playstation-ivjpg

All in all, Sony had an extremely positive showing this year, which was certainly impressive considering the negative events from recent history. Thankfully, they strode out and quelled our fears with the promise of an onslaught of exclusive games that are certain to satisfy even the most voracious gamer’s appetite. 2012 can’t get here fast enough.

Last but not least, Nintendo unveils the successor to the Wii...




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