Friday, January 18, 2013

25 Friday themed animal GIFs

Posted By on Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Because we love you.

1. This monkey seeing him/herself in the mirror for the first time is just too funny. We feel like this many a morning, too. Better comb your hair, buddy.

2. This fancy penguin was running late to work today. Fridays, amirite? 3. "Morning Bob!" "How ya doin' today Sue?" 4. Peeking in your boss' office to see if she/he saw you come in late. 5. K. Great. Time to get to work...let me just pull up that TPS repo...Zzzzzzzz... 6. Yep. Gonna need some coffee. 7. Time to return those phone calls! 8. Banging out e-mails! Taking meetings! On. A. Roll! High five! 9. That's enough of that. Lunch time. This little loris is having some homemade rice balls. Nomnomnom. 10. Back to work. Uggggghhhhh. 11. Rat race/Cat race...or something. Whatever, this is funny. 12. When you look at the clock and it's only 3:30 and you're all like, what? no? Five, please. 13. See above. 14. Red panda just wants to go home. 15. Black and white panda is so over it. 16. Woops. Wasted too much time rolling around/g-chatting. Time to beat the clock. 17. "TIME TO GO HOME! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND YOU GUYS!" 18. Mr. Capybara here decided to wind down with a nice massage.
19. Dubstep cat is ready to PARTY. Where the Avicii at?!
20. Call center kitties moonlight as the PianoKatz at this local haus venue you've probably never even heard about.
21. Sometimes Shibu Inu joins them
22. Your weird co-worker Charlie gets even weirder on the weekends. Get weird, Charlie. Get. Weird.
23. Hammy the hamster just likes to cruise around San Antonio in his whip. Hammy's a greaser.
24. This guy just likes to kick back with his laptop and some Netflix on Friday nights. We approve.
25. Welp. You made it through Friday. Congrats! Time to relax.
P.S. For ideas on what to do this weekend, check out our always awesome and up-to-date calendar of Alamo City events!

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