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Watch A UTSA Frat Bro Knock The Crap Out Of A Pool Party Crasher

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A carefree pool party hosted by two UTSA fraternities erupted into a massive street brawl on Sunday, devastating a surrounding community that was left to pick up the pieces after the outbreak of violence. 

Not really, but one fraternity brother wearing an Uncle Sam hat demonstrated his ability to land a left hook. And it was all caught on video for you to watch in glorious slow-motion. 

Video of the incident has been making the rounds on the dude part of the internet after it was first published on Total Frat Move. The fight, if you can call it that, occurred at party thrown by the UTSA chapters of Alpha Tau Omega and Tau Kappa Epsilon. What should've have been chill Sunday Funday spent poolside ended in an altercation that possibly tested their bonds of brotherhood.

Or not. Context for the video is not provided. All that is known that the festivities devolved into what may very well be the broiest of street fights. The brothers appear to have ganged up on one unidentified partygoer allowing some dude brah in a silly, yet patriotic hat the opportunity to get all up in there and totally clock said partygoer like he was Captain America socking old Adolph in the jaw. Here watch for yourself. It's hilarious, especially when another brother gets in on the fight after the hard part was done. Talk about some Rowdy Roadrunners.

A Total Frat Move commenter who claims to have witnessed the punch at normal speed wrote the downed broseph was a drunk party crasher not affiliated with either fraternity. The brothers allegedly asked him to leave because he was inappropriately grabbing some coeds in attendance. 

The guy was asked to leave multiple times after inappropriately grabbing multiple girls and saying a bunch of creepy shit. The entire pool party booed him out and he came back and sucker punched a couple people. A lot of this unfolded under everyone’s attention, that’s why everyone wanted a piece of him. He grabbed a girls hair that’s why Uncle Sam punched him.

Another commenter seems to confirm this version of events. What ever he did, it was enough for some fratty Uncle Sam to totally unload on his face with his fist. Commenters on various sites are calling the initial punch a cheap shot. But that's for you to decide. I wouldn't know since I always practice peace. 

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