"I Drink and I Know Things": Enjoy This Drinking Game for the Game of Thrones Finale 

WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead! Read at your own risk!

Game of Thrones has been driving us to drink since 2011, and after pulling the rug from under us yet again with the controversial #DrogonGate, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have set the stage for a shocking finale.

Despite the show's insistence on subverting audience expectations at every turn (especially since the series surpassed the canon of the published A Song of Ice and Fire novels), there's nothing Thrones fans love more than to argue endlessly amongst ourselves about predicted outcomes for the story. Now that the end is finally upon us, eight years of hopes, dreams and conspiracy theories will either be fulfilled or crushed by tomorrow's episode.

So, to soften the inevitable blows the finale will deal, why not do as Tyrion does and wash it all down with a nice Dornish red?

The Rules:
Answer each question according to your best judgment or deepest desires.
For every prediction you get wrong, take a drink!

Does Daenerys Die? YES or NO

Who Kills Daenerys?
The Likeliest Suspects:
Jon / Arya / Tyrion / Sansa / Varys, from the grave!
The Wild Cards:
Brienne / Gendry / Tormund / Grey Worm or Drogon, in an epic betrayal!
Or: She Lives

Does Jon Die? YES or NO

Who Kills Jon?
The Likeliest Suspects:
Dany / Grey Worm / Drogon
The Wild Cards:
Bronn / Ghost (Who leaves their direwolf and doesn't even say goodbye?!)
Or: He Lives

Does Tyrion Die? YES or NO

Who Kills Tyrion?
The Likeliest Suspects:
Dany / Grey Worm / Drogon / Bronn
The Wild Cards:
Jon / Arya / Davos
Or: He Lives

Does Sansa Die? YES or NO

Who Kills Sansa?
The Likeliest Suspects:
Dany / Grey Worm / Drogon
The Wild Card:
Or: She Lives

Does Arya Die? YES or NO

Who Kills Arya?
The Likeliest Suspects:
Dany / Grey Worm / Drogon
The Wild Cards:
Gendry / Jaqen H'ghar
Or: She Lives

Who Sits on the Iron Throne?
The Likeliest Suspects:
Dany / Jon / Sansa / Tyrion
The Wild Cards:
Arya / Bran / Tormund / Drogon

Up the Ante:
Drink for every major character death, regardless of your predictions
Drink for “Valar Morghulis” (twice if followed by “Valar dohaeris”)
Drink for “Dracarys” (BONUS: a shot of Fireball)

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