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CockAsian Truck Deemed Too Risque for Port of SA

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It's a big red CockAsian truck. (Courtesy)

Earlier this morning, Candie Yoder, owner of CockAsian food truck posted a pretty miserable status to Facebook:

Unfortunately our name was deemed to risque for Port SA so we will not be there on Thursday. It makes me sad that the spoken and written word are the most censored forms of art. CockAsian to us is word that has boundless meanings none of which are sexual or a racial slur. If any of you has any contacts at the Port you might want to let them know that you would like to see us there and I would be more than happy to discuss the basis for our name with them.

The truck hasn't officially launched yet (Yoder held a secret test launch this past weekend), but already it's getting a lot of buzz for it's less-than-family-friendly name. Technically the name is a self-jab at Yoder, a Caucasian female, who will be hawking Korean eats, think Korean fried chicken, spicy tofu, dumplings and stir fried noodles.

The name is not meant to be used as pointed out by one reddit user who searched for the term on UrbanDictionary.com, as "a white guy who likes to screw asian girls. Think of cock as a verb ... he 'cocks' asians.(sic)."

So it's a little tongue in cheek, so it makes people giggle, BUILD A BRIDGE, Port of SA. To further drive that point home, I checked in with Cooking Channel's Eat St because I was sure CockAsian was in great company when it comes to sassy truck names. Turns out the show has featured several "risque" mobile eateries, including, but not limited to, Miami's Mojo on the Go truck, San Francisco's 3-Sum Eats truck, Portland's Honey Pot truck, Louisville's The Grind Truck, Toronto's Fidel Gastro and my personal favorite of the list, Las Vegas' Haulin Balls truck which carries a Blue Ball special.

Even though I haven't sampled Yoder's eats (but I will this Sunday at The Point Park & Eats, 24188 Boerne Stage, starting at 11 a.m.), I've gotta say I'm still Team CockAsian if only because they'll be adding Korean fare to the mobile scene (Chong's Korean Mobile is out there, and Takoriya has been defunct for a few months now, but should return in April). I really hope Port SA moves past a silly and well-intentioned named soon...but considering the buzz that Yoder's garnering, I doubt she'll be hard up in finding a location or two on which to park.

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