Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I Ate: Crawfish, "sparkling water" and a booze-filled weekend

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After my first crawfish boil this past week, I spent most of the weekend...well, drinking. Do you know how insanely easy it is to make an adult Jameson-laced Shamrock Shake? Very. Also, what's with people drinking and eating in parking lots? Is that really a thing now?For more food porn, follow me on Instagram at @JessElizarraras.
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The only artichoke spinach dip I'll eat. At Cerroni's Purple Garlic. #whatiate
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Finally! #cake #latergram
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This display tickled me. So cute, so delicious. #hola #avocadosfrommexico #heb
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I wish I was making this up. #gross #latergram #nope
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I call this one "Tall Boys in Mexican koozies at the HEB parking lot" (not the artist's tall boy)
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There's nothing sexy about tuna salad. #futurelunch
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First crawfish boil of the season. @whereyatsa #latergram #downtowntuesdays
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And then I went to Amy's. #yum
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Rawr, it's a tiger. #georgeskeep
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Moonshine cherries.
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Falafel at #Pasha #whatiate
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#zokoreview #whatiate

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I call this one "Stray cookie on a Friday afternoon at the @sacurrent parking lot" (not the artist's cookie. #notwhatiate
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Dewey and I rolled into Evan's to Huli Huli chicken and grilled veg. #yummer #whatiate
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Mango margarita. #whatidrank #jalapenos
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Celebrating Evan's mostly Irish heritage with Guinness floats and Jameson Shamrock Shakes. #saturdaynight #whatidrank #stpaddysday

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Black velvets to end the night.
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Breakfast! The Musical. #whatiate
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At Grant & Kelsey's "Wedding." #whatidrank #hurley


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