Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I Ate: A five-course meal at Gwendolyn and too many Peeps

Posted By on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Another busy week of eating is in the books. I somehow survived two Hot Joy visits, a five-course dinner at Gwendolyn and way too many Easter sweets. I also managed a visit to Fiesta Arts Fair at the Southwest School of Art where I found no gorditas! Blasphemy!  Follow me on Instagram for food adventures: @JessElizarraras.

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This means I've made it, right?
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Our server looks and sounds like Peeta Mallark. #pasha #hungergames #tabbouleh #schwarma #pita #gyro #hummus
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The menu at @smokeshack #drooltown
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Barbecue Tuesday via @smokeshack
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Cocktails and Paletas. A brief reprieve from Best of madness @bohanans. #vivafiesta #fiesta2014

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@bohanan's new medal: So Texas you can taste it. #fiesta2014 #beef
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What? Like you don't eat granola out of a #sanantonio mug at 4 in the afternoon??? #whatiate
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Strawberry short cake vía @bakery_lorraine #whatiate
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Easter is coming. #peeps
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What I Ate? All the things.
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I've a bit of a #topochico problem. #whatidrank
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WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DOES THIS???? #mayhem #guillermosdeli
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Hop, hop, hop right into my mouf. #easterbunny #whatiate #goodfriday
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Checking out @sobropizzaco. Great space. Tasty FigJam pizza. #whatiate
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Visiting The Rye Guy at Minnie's Tavern & Rye House. #whatidrank @akweissman @shakestirchip
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No gorditas at Fiesta Arts Fair means paletas and chocolate-covered bacon on a stick.
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And then I introduced @evanweb to @hotjoysa #whatiate
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Gulf Red Snapper croquette over lentil hummus. #whatiate #amusebouche @restgwen
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Citrus salad w white balsamic vinaigrette, dill, mint and cucumber balls. #whatiate #firstcourse @restgwen
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Rabbit. Happy Easter! #whatiate @restgwen #secondcourse
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Meyer lemon and rose water sorbet palate cleanser. #whatiate @restgwen
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Shrimp viscaina, crispy potatoes. #fourthcourse @restgwen

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