Monday, May 12, 2014

No Sriracha For You–Factory will stay in California

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If you somehow got your hopes up that our great State's lax business/environment rules were going to woo David Tran, CEO of Huy Fong foods, into leaving California, you can let go of those chile-fueled dreams now.

NPR is reporting Tran is not moving his facility any time soon, instead choosing to work with the City of Irwindale and shop around for another possible location. The factory had come under scrutiny after surrounding households alleged a heinous odor was coming from the plant. Tran has opened up the facility for tours to help squash those concerns.

Even with Texas state Rep. Jason Villalba and his merry group of agriculture and business savvy brethren heading up there this week to persuade Tran to relocate to Texas, the chances of that happening are basically nil. No

So, can we put this to rest now? I love Sriracha as much as the next person (I even dressed up like it for Halloween), but even I'm growing weary of all this. Stop trying to make Sriracha happen–it's not going to happen. Go make your own salsa. Ask your abuela to throw in some chile piquins from the garden. Leave the seeds in your jalapeño poppers.

Or...make your own Sriracha.

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