Monday, July 7, 2014

What I Ate: Reviews, Fourth of July and a quickie Houston trip

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Short work weeks make for long food weekends. Fourth of July included stops at Bakery Lorraine for red, white and blue macs, a buttermilk pie and later ice pops and grilled miscellany at a friend's backyard shindig.

Not content with that, I made my way to Houston for a friend's birthday and included stops at Saint Arnold's Brewery (where I ran into beergal, Nicole George!), spicy ramen at Goro & Gun, fabulous mezcal drinks at The Pastry War and a visit to Bellaire for all kinds of Asian treats.

Whew. Follow me on Instagram for more food porn: @JessElizarraras.

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Sound advice from my @chipotle bag

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Stop making ojos at my paleta Dewey. #corgi #petsofinstagram #whatiate

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Porchetta, rosemary, sage, mayo, arugula on sourdough via #wildbeast @sama_art #whatiate

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Second visit to #elmachito for cabrito #totemcgoats @fiddlegirl24 #whatiate

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Breakfast tacos, salsa verde and cafe at #PicoDeGallo #whatiate

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A Napoli sammich via #Fratellos for today's lunch. #whatiate

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Veggie and dumpling soup from #PhoSure #whatiate #dinner

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Capping the evening with a @chamoycitylimits visit.

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My wee picadilly via @chamoycitylimits #whatiate #dessert

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Happy birthday, America! #fourthofjuly #independenceday #billpullman #frenchmacs

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The host with the most Flavor-Ice freeze pops. #independenceday #fourthofjuly #indebackyardsday

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Day drinking @saintarnoldbrewing!

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Spicy beef ramen, Easy-E wings and a Line Cook with bourbon, tamarind bitters, ginger beer via Goro & Gun. #whatiate #whatidrank

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Strawberry Balsamic Mezcal Margarita via @ThePastryWar.

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First time at the House of Pies. #whatiate #allthepie

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PIE! #frenchsilk #houseofpies #whatiate

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Bagels and a lox/onion scramble. Noms. #whatiate #houston #newyorkcoffeeshop

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Green tea mochi, coconut sago & coconut jelly from Gelato Cup. #whatiate #houston

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I'm am adult. Promise. #lol

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