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What I Ate: SA Restaurant Week, Alamo City Provisions and then some

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Growing up means not watching the MTV VMA's and instead going to a ridiculously fabulous dinner. At least it does for this gal. I capped off a week's worth of San Antonio Restaurant Week meals (you can check out extensions here) by attending Alamo City Provisions' first dinner of the fall inside the Josephine Theatre put on by Inspired Occasions founder Elise Broz (pastry chef at Biga on the Banks), John Russ (Lüke San Antonio River Walk), Pieter Sypesteyn (Where Y'at food truck and the upcoming Cookhouse), Michael Sohocki (Restaurant Gwendolyn, Kimura) along with Diego Galicia, Rico Torres and Jesse Torres of Mixtli. The 1920's Prohibition Era-themed feast, held inside the theater's lobby, included music by the Doc Watkins Trio and a brief presentation by the chefs on where they drew inspiration from for their dishes. Details for the four remaining dinners, held at various locales throughout SA, can be found at

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@spiceseagourmet's ginormous catfish po boy for today's #restaurantweekonthemove going on until 2 pm @culinariasa #whatiate
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Visiting the folks at @sabarbaro. This is how I celebrate half days off. #whatidrank
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A @thegranarysa visit for #rwsa with #toppel. Smoked wings, beef clod, buttermilk chess pie AND the always amazing beer and pretzel soft serve. #whatiate
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Cheating on @rosellacoffee with @localcoffeesa this morning. #allthecoffee
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A #sarw selfie at #citrus. Photobomb by @definingdelicious. Burger by @chef_driven #whatiate
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Sigh. I love my job. What a fun evening. #satx @sacurrent @lonestarbeer #puppies
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@curedatpearl for Friday's #sarw lunch...vanilla lime mint crush (plus vodka!), roast beef debris po'boy, wee amuse-bouche, and bread pudding. Not featured: asparagus onion soup which I ate too quickly. #whatiate
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Post hike sustenance? Rolando's super taco with potato, egg and cheese, guac, beans and barbacoa. #whatiate (technically only finished half)
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And a donut. #whatiate
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This is an #adiosmotherfucker. Bartender laughed at me and said, "Goodnight, sweetie."
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First dinner w #alamocityprovisions #cocktailhour
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The chef lineup for the evening! @johnny_russ @mixtlicloud @whereyatsa @restgwen @the_cookhouse #elisebroz #alamocityprovisions
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El menu. #alamocityprovisions
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Chef Salad w purslane, endive, smoked ox tongue, hard quail egg via @whereyatsa @the_cookhouse #whatiate #vscocam
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Elk tartar via @mixtlicloud w elderflower, capers y fennel #alamocityprovisions #whatiate
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Terrapin stew. There's snapping turtle, sweet potato mousse & chile pequin via @johnny_russ #alamocityprovisions #whatiate
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Canned quail w market veg and herbs via @restgwen #alamocityprovisions #whatiate
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Pineapple upside down cake...whole other level. Via #inspiredoccasions #elisebroz #alamocityprovisions #whatiate
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