11 Panels To Put On Your Alamo City Comic Con Itinerary

Friday, September 10

"I Am Iron Man" With Bob Layton
3pm-3:50pm, Room 203

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Marvel Comics
Veteran comic man Bob Layton is credited with saving Iron Man from the trash heap, reinvigorating the then-struggling comic series in the 70's and 80's with a new take on Iron Man/Tony Stark. Layton is credited with "Demon in the Bottle" storyline, which established Stark's alcoholism, considered among the greatest comic story lines of all-time. He's also co-credited with the creation of other major Iron Man characters, including James Rhodey/War Machine — now an official Avenger in the MCU — as well as industrialist Justin Hammer, who we promise is a much more compelling villain in the books than he was on screen in Iron Man 2. And all of Tony's specialized Iron Man suits. You can thank Layton for that.  He's called the quintessential Iron Man artist. When people think Iron Man, they think Robert Downey, Jr., but Layton is as much Iron Man as the actor who portrays him onscreen.

"Back to The Future"
4pm-4:50pm, Ballroom B

We love you, Elisabeth Shue, but there's only one Jennifer Parker (Marty McFly's girlfriend) in the Back to the Future series. That's Claudia Wells, who portrayed the character in the original film. (Shue replaced Wells for parts 2 and 3 because Wells was unavailable.) For the 30th anniversary of the original film, Wells joins James Tolkan, who played Hill Valley High School authoritarian hall monitor Gerald Strickland, to talk about the iconic 80s time travel adventure. 

Chad Hardin On "Harley Quinn" 

With next year's release of The Suicide Squad, you'll want to familiarize yourself with one of its stand-out characters, if you're not already. Harley Quinn, the Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who fell madly in love with the Joker, was supposed to be a minor character when she was introduced on Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. But the Joker's sidekick made such an impression with fans that she made her way to the pages of DC Comics, ultimately earning herself a second ongoing series in 2013. The Harley Quinn series transformed her from an insane villain to an antihero and expanded her world outside of her association with the Joker and Batman. Harley Quinn illustrator Chad Hardin takes the stage to talk about the character.    

The Art of Star Wars

click to enlarge "Lord Vader's Persuasion of the Outer Rim Worlds to Join the Empire" - Dave Dorman
Dave Dorman
"Lord Vader's Persuasion of the Outer Rim Worlds to Join the Empire"

Eisner award-winning illustrator Dave Dorman and photographer/illustrator Scott Harben have made a name for themselves for their art inspired by the Star Wars Universe. Dorman, whose work includes the Star Wars series for Dark Horse Comics, has been voted "The #1 Star Wars Artist of All Time." Harben, who has contributed work to various Lucasfilm/Star Wars projects, has shown his work at the the Star Wars Celebration art show. The two will share insight on the artistic portrayal of the iconic characters and worlds of Star Wars.


As someone who is unfamiliar with the novels in which HBO's Game of Thrones are based on, let me say this: If George R.R. Martin ever kills off the character of Hodor, so help me god, I will end him. (Not really, but seriously, George, don't.) Kristian Nairn, who portrays the childlike, lumbering giant on the series, has endeared GoT fans by bringing depth and charm to a character who utters only one word. Hear Nairn actually say something besides "Hodor" during this panel. And don't forget, he's spinning at the official Alamo City Comic Con after party, Rave of Thrones. Because when he's not carrying Bran beyond the wall, he's touring the world as an international electronic music DJ. Read our interview with Nairn here. 

Saturday, September 12

"Dinosaurs & Pop Culture" With Thomas L. Adams (curator of the Witte Museum)
1pm-1:50pm, Room 204

Objectively, Jurassic World, with its lapses in logic, poor characterization and un-Pratt Chris Pratt, is not a great film. But that climactic dino-battle was so damn satisfying. There's a reason Jurassic World is the box office juggernaut of 2015. All the amazing and awe-inspiring dinosaur porn. It's clear the world's obsession with dinosaurs faces extinction no time soon. In this panel, the Witte Museum's  Curator of Paleontology and Geology Thomas Adams is joined by dinosaur illustrator Brett Booth and kaiju artist Matt Frank explore how dinosaurs capture the imaginations of the scientists, artists and the public at large. 

"Sons Of Anarchy" 
3pm-3:50pm, Ballroom B

11 Panels To Put On Your Alamo City Comic Con Itinerary
FX's crime drama Sons of Anarchy, about a California biker gang, concluded its seven season run last year. This year at Alamo City Comic Con, eight cast members — Ron Perlman, Ryan Hurst, Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates, Mark Boone Junior, Emilio Rivera and Michael Ornstein — will reunite on the stage of Ballroom B too look back at the show that brought biker culture back into the zeitgeist. 

4pm-5pm, Room 205

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John Pacacio

Normally the artwork on a traditional deck of lotería cards showcase bright, rudimentary renderings of the people and objects each card represents. But San Antonio's John Pacacio, a two-time Hugo Award-winning illustrator, is working to release his own set with richly detailed art done in his trademark sci-fi/fantasy style. (The San Antonio Current wrote about the project last year.) Get a look on Pacacio's take on loteria, as he leads an hour-long session of the classic Mexican game. Yes, there will be prizes. 

Stan Lee
5pm-5:50pm, Ballroom B

Do I even need to explain why you should attend this panel? Stan Lee, Marvel mascot and co-creator of iconic characters such as Spider-Man is back as Alamo City Comic Con. Just get your butt in a seat and Marvel at his presence. You wouldn't even be at Alamo City Comic Con had he stuck to writing obituaries. 

Sunday, September 13

Edward James Olmos
2pm-2:50pm, Ballroom B

Most attending the Edward James Olmos panel would probably want to hear him talk about his roles as Commander William Adama in Battlestar Galactica and Agent Robert Gonzales in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I, on the other hand, want to hear him talk about Stand and Deliver and his Academy Award-nominated portrayal of Jaime Escalante who taught AP Calculus to a bunch of vatos in the hood. That film was amazing, but not as amazing as that combover. 

Ninjaink - Art for Hire With Timothy Lim
2-2:50pm, Room 201

11 Panels To Put On Your Alamo City Comic Con Itinerary
Timothy Lin (NinjaInk)

Timothy Lim, illustrator and owner of NinjaInk, Inc., specializes in martial arts and crafts. He's known "King of the Shirts," because fanboys and girls clamour for his T-shirt designs, which feature 80's nostalgia and clever pop culture parodies. His print illustration for the 2014 Alamo City Comic Con — portraying iconic DC and Marvel superheroes drawn in the style of King of the Hill, standing in front of the Shrine of Texas Liberty —  is so many levels of amazing. Check out his designs for this year's ACCC here, plus more of his past work. Once your become a fan, head on over the NinjaInk online store so he can take your money. 

Other Panels To Check Out

"Urban Beardster: Beard and Mustache Competition" (Sat. 6pm), "Guardian Night Comics" (6pm Sat.), "Villains of Arrow" with Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) and Ra's Al Ghul (Matt Nable) (Sun. 1 p.m.), "Guardians of the Galaxy" with Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn (4pm Sun.)
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