Actress Katie Leclerc Returns Home to San Antonio to Shoot Golf Drama Round of Your Life

click to enlarge Actress Katie Leclerc Returns Home to San Antonio to Shoot Golf Drama Round of Your Life
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Actress and native San Antonian Katie Leclerc has kept herself busy after starring as one of the lead characters on the Freeform (formerly ABC Family) drama Switched at Birth for five seasons.

Since the show ended in 2017, Leclerc has starred in an original Crackle movie, Party Boat, alongside actor Brett Davern (MTV’s Awkward) and the Lifetime drama Psycho-in-Law with actress Catherine Dyer (Netflix’s Stranger Things).

In her newest film, Round of Your Life, Leclerc stars as Minka, a hospital nurse who helps a family deal with the aftermath of a serious car accident that puts their father Carl (Boo Arnold), a veteran pro golfer, in a coma. During this time, she begins to fall for Carl’s oldest son Tucker (Tim Ogletree) who is worried that his younger brother Taylor (Evan Hara) is irrationally blaming himself for the accident.

Along with her acting work, Leclerc has also started a second career as a digital radio host with her Party Boat co-star on The Brett Davern Show, which airs every weekday morning from 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. CT on idobi Radio.

During an interview with the Current last month, Leclerc talked about coming back to make her first movie ever in her hometown of San Antonio, her athletic ability on the golf course and her second career co-hosting an online radio show in Los Angeles.

Round of Your Life is currently playing exclusively at the Santikos Silverado 16 Theatre.
click to enlarge Actress Katie Leclerc Returns Home to San Antonio to Shoot Golf Drama Round of Your Life
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Had you ever shot a movie in San Antonio before?
No, this was my first time shooting something back home. My entire family is in San Antonio, so it’s always good to go home and catch up with some friends and family and make a movie at the same time. I live in Los Angeles now. I was pretty young when I left San Antonio, but I’m a Texas girl at heart. All the holiday and gatherings happen in San Antonio. My parents own a restaurant in San Antonio, too. It’s called the Firewok (11075 W IH10 Ste. 311). My parents own it and my brother manages it. It is definitely a family affair. Every time I go home they say, “You have to work a shift!”

What attracted you to Round of Your Life?
I had worked with the producers on a previous project before. They told me I should meet their friend [writer/actor] Tim [Ogletree] who was from Texas as well. We had a dinner meeting and talked about the project and went from there.

How good are you at golf? There is a scene in the movie where you play a little miniature golf.
Well, I was actually on the golf team in middle school, but I’m terrible at it. So, I prefer mini-golf to regular golf, but I’m really not super great at either of them. Back in middle school, I was one of the only females on the team. Basketball is my sport, for sure. I'm not great with the hand-eye coordination that golf requires.

Basketball, huh? So, are you a San Antonio Spurs fan or have you turned to the dark side since you’ve moved to Los Angeles?
Oh, I’m a Spurs fan, but right now I’m rooting for Golden State (during the NBA Finals) because we can’t let Kawhi [Leonard] win. I played basketball in high school, but I eventually had to decide between basketball and drama. It was a pretty easy choice for me. It’s paid off. I made the right choice.

Most of your scenes in the film include Tim. How did you work out the chemistry with him?
It was really natural. He is a very personable guy. I think he works really hard. When you come to the set with somebody who is equally as motivated as you are, it’s really easy to get into that groove. It was great to have a partner who was willing to roll his sleeves up.

Do you consider Round of Your Life a “faith-based film” since it does include references to the power of prayer?
I think that it’s just a good story. Everybody has challenges in their lives and this family finds comfort in going to their pastor. That’s different for everybody. My character is religious, but it’s not as much in focus as the other family members in the film.

You starred in more than 100 episodes of Freeform’s Switched at Birth before the show ended in 2017. Was it tough to let go of a TV show like that?
Yeah, we definitely created a family on that set and had a lot of respect for all the actors on the show. We all keep in touch with each other. In terms of my career, I’ve been really busy. Along with acting, I’ve been doing a morning radio show five days a week called The Brett Davern Show. So, I’ve created a new opportunity in the world of radio with my producing partner Brett. We are tap dancing for an hour every single day and making each other laugh. We have celebrity guests come in to talk about their recent projects. It’s a great opportunity to stay fresh and keep those muscles working. It’s honestly my favorite part of my career right now.
click to enlarge Actress Katie Leclerc Returns Home to San Antonio to Shoot Golf Drama Round of Your Life
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Was radio something you had considered before?
No, not really, but I consider myself an entertainer in so many different ways. I feel like I’ve learned so much on that show. Brett and I are very natural. Neither of us went to broadcasting school, but our show is great. I’m really proud of it.

You’ve been in the entertainment industry for almost 15 years. You live in Los Angeles where many actors would like to be someday. Do you feel like you still have to hustle for what you want?
Oh, absolutely! Tim is smart for creating his own content. I think that’s the way of the future. Actors are getting more and more creative every day. I’m creating my own stuff as well. I want to produce just as much as I want to act. The days of sitting around waiting for your agent to call are over.

When your agent does call, what do you want to hear? What are you looking for in terms of projects?
I’m looking for something that is grounded and for characters that can stretch me creatively. I want to tell stories that feel really authentic. I’m open to a lot of different projects. I love to read scripts and I love to hear different stories.

Would you like to find a home base like Switched at Birth again for a few years?
For sure. There’s something about the stability of having a series. It became really comfortable on Switched. On every set, you develop a shorthand with these people that feels like summer camp. When you’re on a series, that summer camp becomes more normal. I would love to do another series.

So, what’s your dream job in this industry?
I think the interesting shift that is happening in the industry right now is how TV shows have become one-hour movies. I’m open to TV and film. I think Fosse/Verdon is the best show on TV right now, and I would’ve killed to have a part on it.

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