Eduardo Cavazos Garza at the Twig Sunday

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Eduardo Cavazos Garza is the prime mover of the Jazz Poets of San Antonio - who meet/jam every Monday evening at Gig on the Strip, 7:00-11:00 pm. Garza, a musician and poet, has appeared on KRTU's Jazz and Poetry lunch feature for the last few years with other members of the Jazz Poets of San Antonio. This Sunday, see him with the Jazz Poets Jam, 2pm at the Twig Book Shop.

Play the piano, she said.


I confessed my desire for unity and sweet harmony.


Awakened from a sleep I saw the gray morning sky.


For two weeks I remained in town, alone.


About that time SHE grew close to me.


She laughed at me and said I didn't  understand anything about love.


I seemed to have grown older.


I laughed too, all sorry and everything.


You mustn't hold it against me, I told her, I suffered great losses in the war, to the war, because of the war.


She seemed calm and almost cheerful.


She said "play the piano", so I did.


She told me some more lies about her desire to learn and feigned sincerity.


Things would have worked out but for the tumultuous moments of disharmony.



Perhaps it will work out, some other time.


She cried, she wept, she sobbed.


Awakening from an afternoon nap, I found her softly weeping at having read my poems from that morning.


Hot coffee, a foggy driveway.


Two weeks went by as we flew and crashed, flew and crashes...flew and crashed, together.


We grew close and comfortable with each other, in a one night stand sort of way.


She laughed at me again and said "You don't understand anything about love".


I laughed too and told her I wouldn't hold it against her.


She too had suffered great losses to the war, for the war, because of the war. She lost a brother in the war.


We became calmer towards each other and had one more breakfast.


Play the piano, she said, so I did.


Eduardo C. Garza


Free; 2pm Sunday April 29, Jazz Poets Jam, The Twig Book Shop, 200 E Grayson, (210) 826-6411, To see a calendar of National Poetry Month events in San Antonio, go



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