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With winter finally here, there’s a wide array of fashionable choices that’ll make you look like a seductress with the touch of elegance. And it’s as easy as A B C!

Attitude: You might be clothed in all the high-couture trends, but if your shoulders are drooping, and you’re slouching like a Debbie Downer, then honey, what’s the point of spending at all? Wear your cutest heels with a matching purse and come across as if you’re feeling like a million bucks. Regardless of how much your outfit costs, create a glitterati buzz by acting like you own the place. Having a great attitude is your most influential accessory.

Bangles: Bangles will never be out of fashion, regardless of the season. These are some of your most valuable fashion pieces because they accentuate your outfit. Whether you’re rocking your leather-studded boots on a Saturday night or hoping to stylishly accentuate your Sunday dress, bangles are the way to give your image that extra glam.

Christian Louboutin: With skyrocketing prices, owning a pair of Louboutin’s guarantees to unleash a woman’s appeal and innate sultriness. Looking sexy, feeling beautiful, and “making a woman’s legs look as long he can possibly make them look” is this quintessential designer’s goal. Must haves include Louboutin velour scrunch boots — no matter what the men or women in your life might say.

Diane Von Furstenberg: As Diane von Furstenberg once said, “The important thing is to take your time and not get stressed.” Whether it’s wardrope selection, family, work, or school, stress will keep you from excelling. Take your time and have fun with whatever it is that you’re doing, whether it’s dressing up for a night out with your date or preparing your outfit for the next day at the office.

Estee Lauder: Even though they say you’re only as old as you feel … you may still need some help despite your youthful soul. For this we have Estee Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair. Combat age lines and sun damage with this revolutionary new formula beautiful skin can’t live without.

Fabrics: Wintry weather demands fabrics that’ll keep you warm but also keep you looking like a femme (or homme) fatale. Look for grey-tone wool sport coats or cross-hatched designs cut right below the upper thigh. To add a bit more flare, mix it up with a proper belt that will accentuate your curves. Keeping a high neckline on your coats is essential, but keeping them open in front will leave the opposite sex yearning to see what you’ve got to show under that coat.

Gowns: This season brings with it galas and the Winter Ball, requiring you to look for the perfect evening gown that’ll make you feel like a princess. Look for BCBG’s collection of New Sophisticate gowns producing the epitome of elegance in silken drape and sensual detail. This season, BCBG offers a wide selection of evening gowns in purple velvet, forest green, and black with chiffon ruffles.

Hair: Whether you sling it back in a ponytail or re-create a fabulous red carpet hairdo with curlers and matte finishing wax, your hair should be a daily work of art. The haircut trends for this season include: the cropped bob, a pixie crop, and long wavy hair. If you’re looking for trendy, go for off-center chignons, center parts, very straight and sleek hair, loose curls and waves, the traditional braids, and loose ponytails. The fashionable colors you should check include: peroxide blond, red, sultry brunette, and playful blond.

Investment: There’s always one article of clothing that should be considered your investment piece — the day dress. This easy item can keep you on time for meetings, looking good for clients, and keeping the stress low thanks to one easy zipper. This season, choose your day dress with a long sleeve, off-the-shoulder cut. You can also choose the very chic hoodie-and long-sleeve version. Accentuate with a few bangles, a long necklace, cropped boots, matching tights, and you’re ready to go.

Jeggings: Like leggings, and with all the look of skinny jeans, jeggings grip your curves and lift body areas that may have lost some firmness. This season, style your best jeggings with a nice relaxed-fit open coat, a sequined shirt underneath, tall boots, wavy hair, and voila … you are ready for a fashionable night out on the town.

Killer Eyes: Accentuate the perfect outfit with killer eyeshades. Think metallic, earthy, but still-colorful tones. Go for the fashionably chic classic smoky look that is winter-ready. Consider deep pine on the lids and an iridescent teal hue on the creases and lower eyelash lines. Blend until you fuse these colors together. Give your lashes two to three coats of mascara to intensify your look.

Leather: There’s no better way to look sexy and dangerous than by styling with some leather. This season, leather jackets have been taken up a notch with zippers everywhere and with a tight silhouette. Sexy is the trend this fall, and leather motorcycle jackets are the way to go. Wear them with everything from leggings to chiffon shirts and tight plain undershirts fashionably heightened with dangling necklaces and rocker bangles that’ll catch everyone’s eyes.

Monochrome: Monochromatic hues are in, but wait … metallic colors have taken charge of this season, too. When looking for your winter coats, a camel coat will never let you down. Look for the wool-acrylic angora styles from Jones New York Outerwear. You’d think that this season calls for the normally neutral tones, right? Wrong! Keeping it lean and pale is old school. Your winter wardrobe should include at least one belted coat that exudes stylish exuberance.

Necklaces: If your outfit seems to be a bit simple, don’t fret. There are really no fashion faux pas except for a bad mix ‘n’ match or simply not trying at all. Even the saddest, simple ensembles can be rescued with the right necklace. If wearing subtle colors like black, brown, blue, or gray, try bright necklaces that will direct the eye to the more vibrant part of your outfit.

Ornamentation: Think Far East culture and that use of vivid jewelry from head to toe, including intricately woven details in the fabrics. Don’t be overwhelmed, though. Even subtle wardrobe choices like ballerina flats or the right earrings can communicate exoticism.

Polish: This summer’s neon nail trend has been usurped by inky midnight sheer matte hues. A deep burnt rust imitating the color of leaves, as well as scarlet and chestnut, have proven to be the perfect seasonal shades. Favored by every fashion designer, jet black has snuck its way back onto the runway. Making every rocker frock and leather jacket seem even more rebellious is what jet-black nails do best. Cherry red, nude, and charcoal gray are also hot this season.

Quality: When accessorizing, don’t over do it. Wear a couple of quintessential jewelry pieces. Don’t overkill with five different necklace choices simply because you love them all. Childhood’s overcrowded choices are cute, but once you get past your 20s? Not so much. Keep it simple. Keep it quality.

Romance: New Edwardian shirt flourishes will leave all of your other gloomy-by-comparison button downs sulking in the closet. Romantic shirts are all about the collar and those astonishing slip-on Chanel cuffs. These striking designs should never be hidden with a jacket or a blazer. Sporting your white romantic shirts allows for added buzz with dramatic makeup choices.

Sparkle: Stake your claim with the dazzle of dark sparkle: a tasteful nod to the ’80s without feeling retro. The dark sparkle allows the opportunity to look over-the-top without trying too hard.

Trevi: Louis Vuitton’s Damier Trevi bag is probably one of the most fashionable and chic accessories that I have ever seen. My eyes water as I speak of the purse that makes any outfit look good, whether for a day date or a more exciting travel adventure. It can serve as a shoulder bag, or remove the strap and carry it by hand. The zippered top allows for maximum security, and the pleat adds volume and a funky edge.

Underneath: There’s nothing sexier on a woman than what she has underneath. Lingerie documents your personality. Choose something more sophisticated this season, like seductive lace-wear. Showing a bit — yet leaving enough for the imagination — will leave any man going nuts over what goodies you have in stock.

Vibrant: The most distinctive marker on a woman is her eyes: allow yours to be vibrant. Make your lashes perfect with Christian Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Mascara that’ll give your eyes extra oomph. This mascara will lengthen your eyelashes and even hold a curl without having to curl you eyelashes beforehand.

Weekends: Leave your inhibitions behind by taking fashion risks on your days off. Style those micro-minis and second-skin tooled leather skirts with patterned tights. You can pack added punch with a good pair of designer cowboy boots. The weekend is for you to enjoy, so wear, whatever you love, but make sure to go bold and not old!

Xtreme Lashes: It is commonly heard that the eyes are the window to your soul … So, if this is the case, why not have the most stunning eyes to reflect your inner-beauty? The eyes give your face its personality, and I guess you could say your eyelashes are the “outfit” for your eyes. Give your eyes a fashionable appeal with Xtreme Lashes ®. Xtreme Lashes are state-of-the-art eyelash extensions that will not only make your eyelashes look fuller, but also impeccably styled. Forget the frustrations of fake lashes and uncomfortable temporary glue; try something different that’ll make your lashes look dramatic, seductive, but most important of all, completely natural.

You: When it comes to fashion, it really all boils down to one thing … you. Fashion is not about the brands you wear, fashion and style come from within. Projecting your inner strength comes from the confidence and commanding presence that you own. Let your outfit and attitude tell your story.

And last but not least …

Zegna: Who doesn’t love a man dressed in full luxurious Italian wear designed by Ermenegildo Zegna? The style of Zegna provides a superior and very debonair appearance for the modern man yet these designs do not forget the beauty of the past with a truly gentlemanly appeal. This century-old design house is one that can truly keep a man looking his finest. This brand is known to cater to many celebrities on and off the red-carpet, such as Adrien Brody, Matt LeBlanc, and Rob Lowe. The second best thing after a seductive Italian accent is a man dressed in full Italian. Now that’s delish. •

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