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The Solution, a found footage film in the style of a pre-movie 50's newscast, presents the hypothetical situation in which a new program, The Final New Deal Solution, has been implemented by the American government. This program is designed to solve the "immigration problem" by means of turning Mexicans into food. By using found footage from old 50's-70's films, parallels are drawn with previous ethnicity-specific governmental programs such as the Japanese relocation and, well, the Nazis.
&ndash Leticia Rocha

Directly after the premier of "The Solution" at the UTSA New Media Studio Program Spring 2007 Screening, the makers held an extremely engaging, dead-pan Q & A during which they answered such pressing questions as "What does a Mexican taste like?" The video, which takes the form of high satire, was inspired in part by Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal."

Leticia Rocha & Stevan Zivadinovic
The Solution (2007)
Digital Video, TRT 7:43

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