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"Friends Till The End"

Thirty years ago today, The Golden Girls, the greatest show to ever air on television, premiered its first episode. The series, starring Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan, continues to resonate with fans and enjoys a substantial gay following.

The show's premise about four senior women living together in a house in Miami doesn't seem all that remarkable on paper. But the sitcom turned out to be groundbreaking television, a feat owed to the comedy talents of the show's writers, the chemistry of its four main stars and the audience's unending quest to figure out what was going on with Bea Arthur's wardrobe.

To celebrate the day, you can spend time watching what are surely well-worn DVDs, or browsing the countless trivia round-ups, secret histories and tributes online. For example, Refinery29 shares how many men the women bedded (Answer: A lot). Entertainment Weekly has helpful dating advice from the show. And Bustle has a collection Golden Girls one-liners you can use in any situation. 

But if you live in San Antonio and love The Golden Girls, today on this high holy day, you must also make sure you own this Golden Girls art print by BarbacoApparel. (We profiled the hyperlocal print and T-shirt outfit last month.)

The cast portrait features calavera versions of Arthur, Getty, and McClanahan, their faces replaced with Dia de los Muertos-style skills to honor their passing. (RIP, ladies.)  A more humanlike representation of White, the last living main cast member, smiles brightly in the foreground. (Rose better be immortal. Never die, Rose.) BarbacoaApparel's Golden Girls print stands apart from the tremendous amount of fan art made for the show. It's right up there with this concept for this LEGO set of the Golden Girls kitchen.

The $15 print is available online at

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