Best Of 2007

Reader's Pick

Reader's Pick Media
Best Blogger

1. Sean Paul Kelley
      The Agonist,
2. (Tie) Dave Maass
      Chisme Libre,
    Stephen Walker
      The Walker Report,

Stephen Walker, Balcones Heights councilman and consummate red-light camera watchdog, posted for the 1,000th time on the “pulse of San Antonio’s” Walker Report this month! Dave Maass, a staff writer who joined the Current in October 2006, may not have the same quantity of watchdogging, but voters say he’s Walker’s equal in quality. (Insert your own mention of Sean Paul “Nevermind-the-Facts” Kelly here.)

Best YouTuber

1. (Tie) Blake Cormier
    Hey Hondo
2. (Tie) Splat TV
    Comic Blender
3. Clemens Broadcast Network

If there are two key ingredients for cult success it’s A) a great nom de guerre and B) a great beard. Blake Cormier, aka Tuna Ketchup, rocks both. The 26-year-old YouTuber’s uploaded 40 me-and-my-mate-in-a-studio videos in just under a year. None so far have been featured by YouTube because, according to Cormier, “We say words like ‘fuck,’ ‘shitface,’ and ‘buhgina.’” Make “buhgina” ingredient three.

Wildfire Coffee Roasters
Best Free WiFi Hotspot

1. Wildfire Coffee Roasters
       15502 Huebner,
2. Ruta Maya Riverwalk
       107 E. Martin,
3. Hotel Valencia
       150 E. Houston,

Because we nearly faced a tie for second place in this category, we decided to take into consideration one voter’s nomination for “WHEREVER DEADBEATS CONGREGATE.” One call confirmed it: a Ruta Maya barrista suspiciously confirmed that because the bus station’s down the road, they’re definitely a deadbeat hotspot, solidifying our office-away-from-the-office as first runner-up.

Best Talk-Show Host

1. Chris Duel
       KTSA 550 AM
2. Jason and Rob Thompson
      WOAI 1200 AM
3. Kidd Kraddick
      MIX 96.1 FM

Duel came to 550 KTSA as a transplant from WOAI, where his show became San Antonio’s highest rated radio talk show occupying the afternoon drivetime slot. A San Antonio native, Duel tackles the big issues with both national and local newsmakers daily. He’s widely popular for his energetic and entertaining style. The show also travels, broadcasting live from locations around the city, and as far away as Ground Zero and the Holy Land.

Best Public-Access TV

1. Robb’s Metalworks
       Cable Channel 50, new episode
       every 3rd Sunday 10pm
2. Drop the Beat
       Cable Channel 20, Sunday midnight
3. (Tie) Our Part of Town
        Twilite Show
        Cable Channel 20, Sunday 4:30pm
       Anime Fun TV
        Cable Channel 20, Saturday 11pm

Robb Chavez is the soul of SA metal, a dedicated family man who refuses to give up his youthful passion for headbanging. Robb’s Metalworks is his television forum, a celebration of San Antonio’s favorite form of music, with a lively combination of video clips and Chavez’s perpetually giddy interviews with the giants of the genre.

Best Weatherperson

1. Steve Browne
       KSAT 12
2. Jennifer Broome
      WOAI 4
3. Bill Taylor
      KENS 5

We’re pleased to discover that San Antonians feel passionately about their weatherpeople — Current readers voted in droves for this tightly contested category. Citing an initial fascination with snowstorms as incentive, Browne has now spent 15 years forecasting in a city that sees minor snowflakes about once every five years. He’s rumored to be a night owl; look for him next time you’re making the rounds at Sherlock’s.

Best (Express-News) Columnist

1. Cary Clack
2. Jeanne Jackle
3. Carlos Guerra

The Express-News’ Cary Clack is a columnist nice enough to apologize to readers if he misspells the names of well-loved heroes. He honed his sincerity in the summer of 1984 as a speechwriter for the late Coretta Scott King, and he makes San Antonians feel good with his caring and sympathy. But why the sudden relocation to the breezy SA Life section, Cary?

Best Morning Radio Talk Show

1. Lisle & Hahn
       99.5 KISS FM
2. Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo
       WOAI 1200 AM
3. Kidd Kraddick
       MIX 96.1 FM

Loyal readers likely remember that newcomer Kidd Chris from the now-defunct K-ROCK edged out San Antonio veterans Lisle and Hahn in the Best Radio DJ category two years ago; groupies from either station know the morning airwaves played host to an all-out war between the dueling shows. Kidd left for Philadelphia and syndication in 2005, leaving his adversaries to reign over San Antonio’s mornings. Turncoat listeners, get your fix of crass humor twice daily — tune in to 99.5 in the morning and catch Kidd on Philly’s drivetime waves at

Best Local Website


Oh surfers, dear surfers, is San Antonio’s online landscape really so vacant that deserves first place? Rumor has that even the Express-News and Hearst wish they could wriggle out of their web partnership with KENS-5 and Belo. Nevertheless, we suppose we should at least give them props for developing a multimedia sub-site for the Alamo City Rollergirls.

Best MySpace Page

1. Helotes Mulch Fire
2. Varcity Squad
3. Keep San Antonio Lame

Backed by the keyboard equivalent of a laser-light show, San Antonio hip-hop/R&B artists Varcity Squad treat you to the smegma edit of “Whut” on their profile: “See my penis in her face / call her potty mouth.” Squad up!

Best Anchor

1. Chris Marrou
      KENS 5 CBS Eyewitness News
2. Randy Beamer
       WOAI 4 NBC News
3. Tanji Patton
       WOAI 4 NBC News

Chris Marrou has presided over KENS-TV newscasts since 1973 (discounting his year-long “lost weekend” in Boston). The lordly anchor taunts us nightly with unscripted, conservative commentary, like after a People’s Choice Awards report when he said, “Why didn’t they just give one of those guys from Brokeback Mountain best actress?”