Best Of 2010

You Turn Me On (and sometimes off)

You Turn Me On (and sometimes off)

Best Evening News


According to weatherman Steve Browne’s bio, he became interested in meteorology when he was in the first grade because he was curious about the snowstorms in his hometown of Duxbury, Massachusetts. Sorry to disappoint you with all the sunshine, Steve, but Browne’s lifelong fascination with his area of expertise is typical of the KSAT news team. Sportscaster Greg Simmons has been casting sports since his days at Jefferson High School, and though they don’t look it, anchors Ursula Pari and Steve Spriester have decades of experience between them. KSAT broadcasts the news with a seasoned voice and chiseled good looks five times daily at 5 a.m., noon, 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m.

2. KENS 5,

3. WOAI 4,

Best Sportscaster

Greg Simmons

San Antonio native Greg Simmons went from a studio-run radio-station broadcast on the Jefferson High School loudspeaker to the sports desk on the nightly network news, but he’s still covering high-school sports. Lots and lots of high-school sports. During football season, he heads an eight-person anchor team as they scramble to cover the dozens of games taking place around town; he reportedly tries to squeeze highlights from at least 15 of them into the broadcast, and he follows the Dallas Cowboys everywhere — like if they didn’t know he was there it would be considered stalking. He leads, in short, exactly the sort of life that sports fanatics wish they could, then he chats about it on TV, both on the news and on his Sunday-night half-hour show Instant Replay. We live vicariously through you, Mr. Simmons, but now that you know of San Antonio’s love, you can’t consider us stalkers.

2. Don Harris, WOAI,

3. Joe Reinagel, KENS,

Best Weatherwo/man

Jennifer Broome

What happened, WOAI? We were all set to write another glowing tribute to San Antonio’s favorite meteorologist when news of Broome’s looming May 7 departure rained on our parade. The ultra-fit, youthful, blond Southern belle could have got on television by looks alone, but she proved her passion with dual bachelor degrees in geosciences and journalism, and spent nearly a decade in San Antonio, becoming the city’s first female chief meteorologist. The rumor mill blames budget cuts and bad ratings at WOAI, the same forces thought to be behind the departure of Broome’s colleague Tanji Patton. Like Patton, Broome has already rolled out her own web endeavor, the travel site Swept Away with Jennifer Broome

2. Steve Browne, KSAT 12,

3. Shaun Stevens, KABB 29,

Best News Anchor

Randy Beamer

Many voters know him simply as “Beamer,” and maybe that’s why they put him in first place for news anchor year after year. People like feeling that they’re on a nickname basis with a dude who wins regional Emmys and statewide professional recognition, reports from Iraq, has heart-to-hearts with death row inmates, and harvests his own bluebonnet seeds. He’s also handy with a camera, both video and still. San Antonio remains Beamer’s world; we just live in it.

2. Ursula Pari, KSAT 12,

3. Steve Spriester, KSAT 12,

Best Radio Station, Music


Enough SA folks have their dial turned to 90.1 FM to rank KSYM as an overwhelming fan favorite, perhaps because it’s the local station most dedicated to showcasing indie rock and pop 24/7. The stellar programming susses out local college students’ aural needs at every hour. Techno on Friday 11-midnight while we party hop. Alt country on Saturday afternoons while we drink beers on the porch. Laid-back tunes on Sunday evening while we prepare for Monday’s exams.

2. KISS 99.5 FM,

3. MIXX 96.1 FM,

Best Radio Station, News


Like many of you, we suspect, 89.1FM provides the soundtrack to our work-week commutes. Listeners like us enjoy public radio’s broad-reaching news coverage from Kyrgyzstan in upheaval to West Virginia in mourning, and tuning in just in time to hear Marketplace’s musical bars tell us whether the Dow is up, down, or flat. KSTX works particularly hard to highlight local news, too, whether through Terry Gildea’s Monday lunch-hour journalism gabfest The Source or husband and wife David Martin Davies and Yvette Benavides’s insightful Texas Matters. And, of course, what would our local NPR affiliate be without Jim Cullum’s Riverwalk Jazz every Sunday? We hope all y’all who voted for them also took a moment to pledge during this spring’s just-completed drive, but if you didn’t, they do sign up new members all year ’round.

2. WOAI 1200,

3. KTSA 550,

Best Local Radio Talk-Show Host

Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo

We understand not all of our readers enjoy the Current’s urban sensitivity. Or understand our insistence on covering the news from the perspective of the perennially disadvantaged. Or “get” our reverence for all things multicultural. We know this because you overwhelmingly voted for Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo for best talk radio. Now we know where you run every third time we decry the abuse of marine mammals or huff over the mistreatment of Bexar County inmates: straight into the arms of right-of-center, suburban, white anger. We’re just honored to have you the other two-thirds of the time.

2. Chris Duel, ESPN 1250AM,

3. Jack Riccardi (tie), KTSA 550AM,

3. Trey Ware (tie), KTSA 550AM,

Best Local Video Artist

Todd O’Neill

O’Neill’s online video portfolio reveals professional videography and post-production work particularly in the vein of ecological and socially progressive concerns, including PSAs for San Antonio Solarfest, the San Antonio Area Foundation, and Healthy Futures Alliance. In addition to his video work, he acts as a multimedia and social-networking consultant, and has founded an alternative workspace project ( Furthermore, he directed the short film The Healer, in which the parents of a seriously ill girl grow to accept the help of a curandero, for the 48-Hour Dramatic Film project, and which you can check out on the busy man’s website.

2. Brandon Faucett,

3. Team Perspectives,

Best Local Blogger

Ben Olivo

Alleged blogmeister Ben “Lucky-ass” Olivo of the (SURPRISE!) San Antonio Express-News writes something called … what is it? Oh, yes. The Downtown Blog. How obvious. As cruel Fate (and, fine, A LOT OF VOTES) would have it, the Downtown Blog is the fave online travelogue of all manner of downtown stuff, including but not limited to watering holes, special events, the constant nitelife switcheroos in downtown club spaces, as well as Fiesta happenings (did you know that the former Alaskan Palace site will be part of NIOSA this year? Well, Mister Smarty Pants did), all related in Olivo’s reliably smart and funny prose (may he get a rash). Olivo also helms a podcast featuring interviews with such local luminaries as Mayor Julián Castro. Oh, big stinkin’ deal. Note: The Downtown Blog’s on a kind of Fiesta hiatus, so check the’s Fiesta page ( for your Olivo fix, if he’s so freaking special.

2. Sarah Fisch, Curblog,

3. Missions Unknown,

Best Local Columnist

Cary Clack
San Antonio Express-News

The author of last year’s column collection Clowns and Rats Scare Me (don’t hold the title against him) rose quickly through the ranks at the Express-News to become the weekly columnist and editorial board member he is today. Clack’s columns run the gamut from earnest musings on racism, poverty, and tolerance (Clack spent time at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change before becoming a journalist) to gently chastising political nimwits to family-friendly observational humor. In reference to his recent “It’s Cary, with a ‘C’” column, had the Current not counted all votes for “Gary Clack,” our own Greg Harman might be in this issue’s top seat.

2. Greg Harman, San Antonio Current,

3. Michael O’Rourke, San Antonio Express-News,