Best Of 2013

Best Waiter/Waitress

Best Waiter/Waitress

1. Captain Jack Sparrow
Magic Time Machine, 902 NE Loop 410, (210) 828-1470,

There’s waiters and waitresses, and then there’s the servers of Magic Time Machine, an out-of-this-world place to dine and celebrate while being served by Ace Ventura, Woody the Sheriff, Wonder Woman, and even Dora the Explorer. But somehow, it is Capt. Jack Sparrow, of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, who stops traffic. He sings, he slurs, and he charms as the local captain does an impression of Johnny Depp doing an impression of Keith Richards in the style of a pirate Pepe Le Pew. Gotta check him out.

2. Victoria Throckmorton
Gypsy Café, 2813 Thousand Oaks, (210) 494-1314,

3. Eric Dorsa
Max’s Wine Dive, 340 E Basse, Ste. 101, (210) 444-9547