Best Of 2015

Children's Attraction

Children's Attraction

1. San Antonio Children's Museum/DoSeum
(Opens June 6)
2800 Broadway St.
(210) 212-4453

Though it'll soon change, the location of San Antonio Children's Museum seemed for years to be both a boon and a curse for the venerable kid-gathering spot. In a way, it seemed ideally located just a couple of blocks from the Alamo — great in terms of drawing tourists. But for them, as well as locals, parking proved to be a tremendous headache. That was then. After 20 years at its Houston Street location, the place is growing up. The name is changing to the DoMuseum and it's moving a few miles north on Broadway. No huge announcement parking-wise, but one can only hope for the best. Otherwise, there are many new promising improvements: Two stories of exhibits totaling 65,000 square feet and an additional 39,000 square feet of outdoor exhibits. The new location is expected to receive more than 300,0000 visitors a year.

2. TIE: Kiddie Park
3015 Broadway St.
(210) 824-4351

2. TIE: San Antonio Zoo
3903 N. St. Mary's St.
(210) 734-7184

3. San Antonio Public Library
Multiple locations


TIE: Witte Museum
3801 Broadway St.
(210) 357-1900

TIE: Magik Theatre
420 S. Alamo St.
(210) 227-2751