Best Of 2015



1. Silo Terrace Oyster Bar
22211 I-10 W.
(210) 698-2002

Silo's upstairs-downstairs shtick survives at the latest outpost, Silo Terrace on I-10. There's no bar downstairs (it occupies the actual outdoor terrace), but before ascending in another copper-clad elevator, you can peruse wines while snagging a sample from a techy dispenser. Think crisp Loire Valley whites — and immediately order oysters upon arrival upstairs. The selection is in constant tidal flux (and the Pacific Northwest gets short shrift), but try to pit British Columbia against, say, New Brunswick — if that's an option. Or try another variation on the East vs. West theme that can yield bright and briny mollusks in one instance, plump and almost buttery in another. (Silo's iconic chicken fried oysters are also available, of course.) Ceviches could use a little tightening up, but the grilled, blackened swordfish is superlative. The shrimp fra diavolo simply scintillating. And the lobster with ravioli a lushly, luxurious indulgence. (You're encouraged to think chardonnay here.) If we may be allowed to consider squid ink as seafood (why not?), that dramatic pasta is another contender. Big spenders have the additional option of a bountiful seafood platter that includes shrimp and king crab. And as long as you're being ostentatious, might as well go for the bubbly here. It's elevating.


The Cookhouse
720 E. Mistletoe
(210) 320-8211

Las Islas Marias
522 SW Military Dr.
(210) 922-7777