Best Of 2015



1. Pho Cong Ly
300 W. Bitters Rd.
(210) 499-5572

Pho Cong Ly is so pho king good, y'all. Fans of this Vietnamese joint located in North Central San Antonio at the corner of West Avenue and Bitters, praise their lettuce-wrapped fried spring rolls, a crispy appetizer that disappoints at other places more often than not. Others claim that their pho — which in the San Anto hierarchy of soups is just below menudo but above caldo de res — is the best in the city. One thing's for sure: They don't skimp on the pho fixings, giving you plenty of sprouts, cilantro and jalapeño to go with their flavorful broth and rice noodles.

2. Viet-Nam Restaurant
3244 Broadway St.
(210) 822-7461

3. Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant
4230 McCullough Ave.
(210) 829-8021