Best Of 2016

Best Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant

WINNER: India Palace

8474 Fredericksburg Road • (210) 692-5262  

When going to India Palace, we recommend that you wear your stretchy pants and a loose-fitting top because you're going to leave with the biggest food baby imaginable. Those who've eaten there know exactly what we mean, and those who haven't been yet will quickly learn that there are two ways to dine at India Palace — and the correct way is the buffet. Laid out in trays full of perfection, you'll find the staples: tikka masala, chicken curry, saag paneer and lamb korma, among many other options. Served up with basmati rice and a samosa, you just might find yourself at the Palace all evening. You'll regret it if you skip out on dessert (try the Mango Malwa), so be sure to save some room, though it won't be easy. The menu is vegetarian friendly and take-out is available for those on the run.

2. Simi's India Cuisine

4535 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 109 •(210) 737-3166

3. India Oven

1031 Patricia Drive • (210) 366-1030