Best Of 2016

Best Restaurant to Take Tourists

Best Restaurant to Take Tourists

WINNER: Two Bros BBQ Market

12656 West Ave. • (210) 496-0222

> Let's be real — barbecue in San Antonio is not hard to come by. But barbecue that is consistently juicy, mouth-watering, perfectly seasoned and all the other good things barbecue should be, well, now, that's a different story. Two Bros BBQ Market, opened by brothers Jason and Jake Dady in 2008, serves up barbecue family style, putting it in the top spot to take someone who's visiting the Alamo City. Pit Master Laura Loomis won't disappoint.

The restaurant's menu consists of the classics: brisket, pulled pork and turkey, as well as Two Bros' famous cherry-glazed baby back ribs, a crowd pleaser your guests will surely enjoy. With smoked stuffed jalapeños and deep fried mozzarella "logs," this is not a place to skip out on the sides. And let's not forget the deep fried strawberry pie or purple cow grape soda float for dessert.

The barbecue joint's shaded patio is spacious and great for large parties with a playground and sandbox for the kiddos. Enjoy live music on the weekends, or challenge your friends to a bocce ball match. Or, if you just wanna hang out, you can do that, too. A second location is in the works, but, until then, get there early because "when it's gone ... it's gone." Really. Two Bros has been known to sell out, so you'll want to be the first in line.

This place has everything you need to make your guests happy, so if you're not taking them to Two Bros, you're not showing them what SA barbecue is all about.