Best Of 2017

Best Drag Queen

Photo by Julian P. Ledezma
OUR PICK: Beyoncé D. Mykels,

If you’ve ever attended a drag show at Pegasus, there’s a fair chance you’ve witnessed the powerhouse that is Beyoncé D. Mykels, a fierce queen who does double duty as DJ. Taking cues from her Texan namesake, Mykels claims to have studied “hair-agraphy and dance at Beyoncé University” and takes a fearless and tireless approach to her drag performances. On a recent visit to see her in action, Mykels lifted the crowd from the doldrums of a misty night with a high-energy routine featuring a rapid succession of high-kicks followed by a death-drop — a potentially dangerous feat involving a backwards drop into a collapsed pose on the ground. (Treat yourself to BuzzFeed’s online crash course “17 Death Drops That Perfectly Sum Up Your Entire Existence.”) While we will always bow down to the long-reigning camp queen Tencha la Jefa, it’s high time we celebrate Mykels, a hard-working, multitalented performer who can lip-synch for days, dance up a storm and even get the jaded bitches laughing.