Best Of 2017

Best Meteorologist

OUR PICK: Steve Browne,

Steve Brown has talked about San Antonio weather on KSAT for 25 years — but it doesn’t show. If anything, his decades in meteorology have only increased his enthusiasm for the region’s wonky weather. It’s like your favorite goofy uncle accidentally strolled into the KSAT studio — and decided to stick around. After a string of hot, dry days in 2011, Browne interrupted his report to perform a “rain dance” (to the newscasters’ delight). It’s now become a December tradition for Browne to morph into a “human tuba,” humming and trumpeting Christmas songs as a slideshow of snowy Texas photos flip by behind him. This kind of pizazz has handed Browne a fiercely devoted fan club, the kind that floods KSAT with worried messages when Browne takes a few days off. Tune in for the weather, stay for the Steve.

WINNER: Jeremy Carolino, Hop & Vine, 5619 W. Loop 1604 N., Suite 109, (210) 878-4071,

2. Gabriel Cardenas, The Fridge, (210) 473-0916,

3. Mark Bliss, Bliss, 926 S. Presa St., (210) 225-2547,

WINNER: Tencha La Jefa,

2. Lucy Lips,

3. Amerie Parker,

WINNER: Miss Dakota Puggy,

2. Raven Red Photography,

3. Dru photography,

WINNER: Magda’s Quality Jewelry & Repair, 8275 FM 78 Ste. #10, Converse, (210) 310-7444

2. Sweet Craft Jewelry,

3. Jimmy Green, Vineyard Shopping Center, 1604 North Loop 1604 W., (210) 492-0022,

WINNER: Tommy Lee Jones

2. Jesse Borrego,

3. Larry Garza,

WINNER: Anel Flores,

2. Jan Jarboe Russell,

3. John Phillipo Santos,

WINNER: Elora,

2. Rey Lopez,

3. The Batman of San Antonio,

WINNER: Javier Gil,

2. Laura Varela,

3. Bryan Ortiz,

WINNER: Laurie Ann Guerrero,

2. Naomi Shihab Nye

3. Polly Anna Rocha,

WINNER: Jeanelle Stauffer, 827 E. Rector St.,

2. Robert Baldwin, 8842 Broadway, (210) 336-8868,

3. Laura Valdez,