Best Of 2017

Best Spurs Player
Our Pick: Kawhi Leonard

This award will look comically small in his giant mitts, but there’s no question that Kawhi Leonard is 2017’s Best Spur. Timmy retired, Manu and Tony got a year older, and Pop (who naturally also received award consideration) had to replace almost half his roster on the fly. The reason the second-place Spurs haven’t missed a step in what should’ve been a down year? Kawhi got even better. Once known as a defensive specialist, Leonard has put together one of the more efficient offensive seasons in NBA history while coming into his own as a leader on the floor. He’s scoring more points per game than Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and still taking on the opponent’s most talented wing player almost every night. Kawhi is more than ever the face of the Spurs franchise, and however far they go in these playoffs rests squarely on his shoulders – which, like his hands, are also quite big.

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