Best Of 2018

Best Tacos: Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

Best Tacos

Winner: Garcia's Mexican Restaurant

842 Fredericksburg Road, (210) 735-4525

The Garcias DO NOT PLAY. Led by brothers Andrew and John Garcia, the restaurant has been serving up amazing barbecue and Mexican dishes since 1962 when they opened their first restaurant, which now sits across the street from their current location on Fredericksburg. What taco should you try first, you ask? Ummm, the brisket taco – duh, bruh. Juicy, tender and practically melting in your mouth, the brisket inside this taco has been treated with care, and every bite will remind you why this is seriously the best taco in SA. Fight us. Or don't and just eat tacos.  

2. Pico De Gallo Restaurant

111 S. Leona St.

(210) 225-6060

3. La Maceta Tapatios

Very mobile

(210) 419-3845