Best Of 2018

Best Margarita: La Gloria

Best Margarita

Winner: La Gloria

100 E Grayson St., (210) 267-9040,

Imagine walking through the farmers market on a hot summer day, overheated, annoyed and craving a refreshing cockail, desperately in need of an ice cold margarita. That's when La Gloria saves the day! La Gloria was opened by Chef Johnny Hernandez, a popular San Antonio chef who also runs Burgerteca, Fruteria, and previously, El Machito in the Quarry, which is about to reopen at City Base. La Gloria is the only Mexican spot in the Pearl Brewery. They create delicious dishes and they make some of the best margaritas in town! Whether you are in the mood for frozen, prickly pear, spicy, on the rocks, strong, skinny, mango – whatever you crave – La Gloria is sure to have it. Not wanting to drive downtown? La Gloria has a Dominion and an airport location both with drinks just as delicious and just as strong! It's the perfect place to order a small plate, a margarita and enjoy a drink with friends.

2. Sanchos Cantina

628 Jackson St.

(210) 320-1840

3. Pico De Gallo Restaurant

111 S Leona St.

(210) 225-6060

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