Best Of 2018

Best Furniture Store: Period Modern

Best Furniture Store

Winner: Period Modern

4347 McCullough Ave.

(210) 259-3234

Alamo City vintage hounds made their voices heard this year in the category of Best Furniture Store, electing three contenders that specialize in furnishings from decades past. And we couldn't agree more. (Life's too short to assemble another obnoxiously named IKEA item ultimately destined for the donation pile.) Taking home top honors this year, Period Modern is arguably the gold standard in San Antonio when it comes to immaculately preserved midcentury pieces. Having recently expanded into an adjacent space previously occupied by "Best of San Antonio" alum No. 9 Florals, Period Modern feels more sprawling than ever, tempting shoppers with stylishly arranged living areas reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock classic, paintings spanning styles and eras, smartly priced art and design books, and unique pieces ready to spice up quarters in need of a remix. On a recent visit, more than a few gems popped out, including a stacking wooden cat figurine made by the Swedish toy company Brio ($40), Beaumont Mood hanging ceramic light fixtures ($300), an incredibly heavy-looking outdoor furniture set crafted by faux bois master Carlos Cortez ($20,000) and guitars of both the electric and acoustic varieties ... which brings us to what's arguably Period Modern's most unexpected feature — an offbeat music series that's hosted everyone from politician/musician Kinky Friedman to local indie darlings Buttercup and their offshoot Demitasse.

2. Karolina's Antiques

1709 Blanco Road

(210) 731-9787

3. San Antonio Furniture Finders

1805 Blanco Road

(210) 803-1900