Best Of 2019

Best French Fries: Wingstop

Best French Fries

Winner: Wingstop

Multiple locations

Wingstop's fries are softer than most but definitely not soggy. What makes them stand out, though, is the flavor. Seasoned salt and a pinch of sugar give these fluffy fries a unique taste that provides a nice balance for the chain's spicy buffalo wings. The regular amount of seasoning on the spuds works well, but a little extra doesn't hurt either. Also worth noting: Wingstop's fries are in the middle in terms of thickness, nowhere near as chunky as a steak fry but not shoestring-thin either. That heft allows them to stand up well on their own or when dipped in a little ranch dressing. They also reheat well in the oven, assuming you don't like letting food go to waste. The special seasoning and perfect texture make for an addictive side — and one plenty of readers crave.

2. Burger Boy

Multiple locations

3. Chester's

Multiple locations