Best Of 2019

Welcome to Best of San Antonio 2019

Welcome to Best of San Antonio 2019

San Antonio likes to do things up big.

Not that this city is about putting on airs. Pomposity and pretense just don’t seem to be in our blood. But we do have a knack for taking the stuff we love and supersizing it. It’s evident in our fishbowl-sized margaritas, our crowded-to-capacity Fiesta events and our raspas piled to the heavens with sweet, sour and salty treats.

The mission of Best of San Antonio is to recognize the creators, movers and shakers in our city that deliver the kind of larger-than-life experiences we crave. That ranges from the bountiful bites honored in our food entries to the plus-size personalities that won in categories such as Best Politician and Best Drag Queen.

It’s also worth mentioning that we trusted you, the reader, to be the ultimate judge.

We stepped aside and left the voting to you. Our editors and writers just tallied and reported the results. Call it an exercise in direct democracy. No doubt, you’ll nod your head in agreement with fellow San Antonians about some of their choices. On others, you may be tempted to fling this issue against the wall.

We’ll leave the tease at that and let you flip the pages to find out where your favorites placed. Thanks, as always, for your input. We knew we could trust you to think big.