Best Of 2020

Best Puffy Tacos: Henry’s Puffy Tacos

Best Puffy Tacos

Winner: Henry's Puffy Tacos

Multiple locations

When you put your restaurant's signature dish in the name, you'd damned well better be able to deliver on it. And Henry's Puffy Tacos definitely delivers. San Antonians have been turning to the family-owned establishment since 1978 for their fix of tacos wrapped in crisp-yet-pillowy deep fried masa. In addition to its Bandera Road flagship restaurant, the Tex-Mex institution also operates a satellite Henry's Puffy Tacos Express on Woodlawn Avenue and serves up roughly 1,000 of its signature tacos a daily between the two. We'll have ours with guacamole, please.

2. Ray's Drive Inn

822 Southwest 19th St.

(210) 432-7171

3. Teka Molino

Multiple locations