Best Of 2020

Welcome to Best of San Antonio 2020

Welcome to Best of San Antonio 2020

We can all agree 2020 has been a year like no other. It's been confusing, confounding, stressful, depressing and, frankly, not much fun. Which is why it makes sense for us to retreat to our comfortable places whenever we can. To the familiar. To our favorites.

And that's precisely why — in the middle of a generational health crisis, a floundering economy, a tumultuous election season and a time of necessary social upheaval — we forged ahead with our Best of San Antonio issue.

Right now, we need to take refuge in the stuff that makes us feel better — whether that's a to-go order from our favorite neighborhood taqueria, a walk around our favorite park or an online tour of a new art show. And it doesn't hurt when we can come together as a city, recognize exactly where our favorites overlap and know that there's more that brings us together than keeps us apart.

That's why we asked you, dear readers, to tell us what's best about San Antonio. You're the ones living through this wacky, confusing, stress-inducing year, so who would know better what brings you pleasure about our city?

Of course, we couldn't resist throwing a few editor's picks into the mix, because we're human, and have our own opinions. Please don't take them as a claim that we know better than you or don't take your choices seriously. Consider them, if you will, alternate choices that drive a little debate, controversy and maybe even a little exploration off the beaten path.

No need to hold you up further. Pages and pages of polling await. You may agree with some of your fellow San Antonians' choices; others may leave you scratching your heads or unleashing a volley of not-safe-for-work words. Hopefully, more than a few will inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and see what your neighbors are raving about.

Thanks, as always, for playing along. We'll get through this year together.