Best Of 2020

Best Chef: Sofia Sada Cervantes

Best Chef

Winner: Sofia Sada Cervantes

Savor and Culinary Institute of America

While Sofia Sada Cervantes hasn't exactly reached the status of celebrity chef à la Johnny Hernandez, she's amassed plenty of fans via her post at Savor, the Culinary Institute of America's student-staffed restaurant, which launched last year at the Pearl. Under her leadership, the eatery has won over locals and tourists alike for its global-yet-approachable flavors, beautiful presentation and build-your-own three- and four-course meals. During the pandemic, it's transitioned to offering curbside cuisine, including family-ready meals and cook-at-home options. Upping Sada Cervantes' intrigue, she was also a member of the Mexican National Women's Soccer Team from 2001 to 2004.

2. Ceasar Zepeda

Sangria on the Burg

3. Damien Watel