Best Of 2021

Best Dive Bar: The Bang Bang Bar

Best Dive Bar

Winner: The Bang Bang Bar

119 El Mio Drive

(210) 320-1187

The phrase "dive bar" typically evokes thoughts of a dingy, unglamorous spot with surly bartenders. The Bang Bang Bar doesn't quite fit that image. Its eclectic ambience includes cozy conversation corners outfitted with vintage furniture and a stage that bears more than a little resemblance to living room. And the bartenders tend to be a friendly bunch. There's something about the place's dark-yet-welcoming vibe that brings folks out in droves, and if they want to call it a dive, we're not going to argue.

2. The Hangar

8203 Broadway

(210) 824-2700

3. The Mix

2423 N. St. Mary's St.

(210) 735-1313