Best Of 2021

Best Local Radio Show

Winner: The Billy Madison Show, 99.5 KISS FM

2. On the Record with Xavier the Freakin Rican, Vibe 107.5

3. TPR's The Source, KSTX



Winner: Tim Duncan

It's really no surprise that The Big Fundamental landed at the top spot on this list for his incredible 19-year-career with the San Antonio Spurs. While former players like David Robinson, George Gervin, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker would probably round out the top five, there's no denying Duncan was a once-in-a-lifetime player who transformed a small-market franchise into a sports juggernaut. Not only did Duncan deliver five NBA championships to San Antonio, he won back-to-back NBA MVP awards in 2002 and 2003, was named Finals MVP three times and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this year. Duncan's No. 21 jersey was retired by the Spurs in 2016. He's the Spurs' GOAT, hands down.

2. David Robinson

3. Patty Mills

Winner: Ashley Morgan

2. Joseph "Joe" Hoelscher

3. Andrew Borrego

Winner: Pastie Pops Burlesque Revue

It would be remiss to congratulate the Pastie Pops on this win without first taking a moment for S.T. Shimi — a beloved performer who helped build the local burlesque scene and died in a tragic accident last December. As leader of the pioneering local troupe Stars and Garters, Shimi (who performed as Black Orchid, the "Transoceanic Tropical Tease") rallied her gals each year for a bit of playful rivalry with the Pops in this very category. Orchid, we miss you and the tireless creative energy you brought to San Antonio! Without further ado, onto the Pops: Comprised of Jasper St. James (The Big and Tall That Bears It All), Mary Annette (The Doll With No Strings Attached), Vixy Van Hellen (The Bare Bottom of Bexar County), Camille Toe (She's the One You Wanna Pick), Elle Du Jour (The Contemporary Tease) and Mustang Ryder (The Self-Made Man), the Pops are a deliciously diverse, body-positive troupe known for performances that fuse burlesque with elements of vaudeville and stand-up. Rolling with the pandemic punches, the Pops presented three virtual shows during lockdown and are currently dusting off the tassels for "The Big Strip," a live performance showcasing Mary Annette (with support from a live band) at the Bonham Exchange on July 31.

2. Stars and Garters Burlesque

3. Haus of Erotique

Winner: Johnny Hernandez

Celebrity chef, entrepreneur and general boss-man Johnny Hernandez has snagged yet another Best Of award in this category since his first in 2019. Though the pandemic made 2020 a tough year for chefs nationwide, Hernandez rolled up his sleeves and worked diligently to create a larger footprint for his Grupo La Gloria, which includes the not just the business' namesake Mexican street-food spots but Burgerteca and Fruteria locations. Perhaps the most innovative development of Hernandez's during the health crisis, however, was his introduction of margarita trucks to whisk SA's favorite beverage directly to consumers.

2. Sofia Sada

Frida Mexican Restaurant & Bar, Savor at The Culinary Institute of America

3. Jason Dady

Jason Dady Restaurant Group

Winner: Kristi Waters

If RuPaul's Drag Race has taught us anything, it's that drag is an art form — one that requires an abundance of "charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent." Snatching her second crown as San Antonio's Best Drag Performer, Kristi Waters checks those boxes and also knows a thing or two about reading. (It's fundamental.) A former Corpus Christi schoolteacher who reinvented herself as one of San Antonio's hardest-working drag queens, Waters has portrayed Southern sexpot Blanche Devereaux in campy Golden Girls tributes, entertained throngs of wannabe Real Housewives of San Antonio at Paramour drag brunches and even sold out a solo comedy show called I Promise I'm Not Funny. In what remains of her spare time, Waters continues to fine-tune her impersonation of chameleonic superstar Lady Gaga.

2. Miss Taint

3. Lyn-Z Andrews Falhberg

Winner: @s.a.foodie

San Antonio native Amanda Spencer, known on Instagram as @s.a.foodie, has snagged her second Best of SA award in this category, and her expanding online reach helps explain why. Up to 219,000 followers since last year's win, the social media mogul uses vibrant photos of mouthwatering food to promote local businesses one expertly composed post at a time. In addition to photos of delectable restaurant spreads, she also intersperses pegs for local products and occasional travel-related posts for a sense of variety.

2. @eldereats

3. @sanantoniostephanie

Winner: James Avery Artisan Jewelry

2. San Antonio Jewelry

3. Anel I. Flores

Winner: Tommy Lee Jones

2. Jesse Borrego

3. Patricia Zamora

Winner: George Strait

2. Tim Duncan

3. Gregg Popovich