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Best Urban Legend: The Ghost Tracks

Best Urban Legend

Winner: The Ghost Tracks

2902 Shane Road

The Ghost Tracks have long reigned as San Antonio's favorite urban legend, and handily win this category year after year. Perhaps it's because — unlike local legends like the Donkey Lady and La Llorona — you can go check them out for yourself. Used to be, you could throw your car in neutral on the railroad tracks at 2902 Shane Road and feel an invisible push moving you forward and out of danger. Lore attributed this to the tiny hands of ghost children, who died when their school bus was hit by an oncoming train in the early 1900s. The truth is that the force moving your car was just gravity — the tracks simply had a slant which allowed vehicles to glide forward when in neutral. The trick hasn't even worked since 2018, because Union Pacific leveled the elevation when it added a second track. That hasn't stopped San Antonians from clinging to their favorite urban legend, though.

2. La Llorona

3. Victoria's Black Swan Inn

1006 Holbrook Road

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