Best Of 2022

Best Enchiladas: Rosario's

Best Enchiladas

Winner: Rosario's

Multiple locations

As of press time, Rosario's downtown location was about to move into impressive new digs on South St. Mary's Street. In addition to a grander space and a bigger bar, many longtime fans hope there won't be too many changes to a menu that has remained remarkably consistent over the years. It seems likely demonstrations will erupt if the enchiladas verdes de pollo y elote were to disappear, for example. Ditto the chorizo quesadillas or the parilla de tripas. Or the legendary salsas — one of the seven BOSA categories the homegrown chain won this year. (See the Nightlife section for Rosario's wins in the Margaritas and Micheladas categories.)

2. Blanco Cafe

1720 Blanco Road

(210) 732-6480

3. Paloma Blanca

5800 Broadway #300

(210) 822-6151