Best Of 2022

Best Community Activist: Jalen McKee-Rodriguez

Best Community Activist

Winner: Jalen McKee-Rodriguez

While technically a member of city council rather than an activist in the traditional sense of the word, Jalen McKee-Rodriguez has nonetheless taken an activist's fiery drive and progressive viewpoint to the dais during his first term representing District 2. From the start of his term McKee-Rodriguez has been unafraid to go against the grain when he senses council is catering to city elites. In February, he cast the sole vote against a distribution plan for federal pandemic relief funds that let three well-connected local organizations cut to the front of the line — "Maybe it wasn't slimy, maybe it wasn't shady, but how does it not look that way?" he said in an interview at the time. At the same time, McKee-Rodriguez has shown his ability to be more than a naysayer. Late last year, he won enough support from fellow council members to make a filing to expand the city's non-discrimination ordinance to apply to all private businesses with 15 or more employees, a proposal still waiting for its day in front of the full council.

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