Best Of 2022

Best Visual Artist: Ray "Tattooedboy" Scarborough

Best Visual Artist

Winner: Ray "Tattooedboy" Scarborough

Along with making art about the city he loves, graphic designer Ray "Tattooedboy" Scarborough enjoys helping progressive political campaigns that inspire him. He recently designed a poster for Beto O'Rourke and presented it to the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful when he swung through San Antonio earlier this month. All proceeds made from the sale of the poster went to the O'Rourke campaign. "I guess if a Republican came to me, I would just charge them a lot of money — maybe a million dollars," Scarborough, a graduate of Holmes High School, joked. "No, I would tell them no. I wouldn't feel right. I have to deal with my conscience first." Scarborough, who considers pop artist Roy Lichtenstein his hero, taught himself how to screen print during the pandemic. In May, he held his first solo art exhibition, Life Is Yours to Destroy, at the Blue Star.

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