Weighing In: Owners of CBD Businesses Say the Future is Bright — Whether or Not It Includes Legal Marijuana

What do local CBD shop owners and managers think the future holds for the state’s botanicals industry? The merchants we interviewed have different views — some taking a wider perspective involving marijuana legalization. Others see the industry finding even more benefits linked to CBD.

Brady Wilshire, owner, Blyss Botanicals

“I definitely see two completely separated sides of the industry. I see the recreational side, where people just want to get high, and you have the medicinal side — and that’s where CBD comes into play: they don’t want to get high but they want all the medicinal benefits. Politically, other states are legalizing marijuana already; Texas will probably be one of the later ones. I probably want to stay more on the medicinal side.”

John Gomez, co-founder/CEO, Natural Heights
“As regulators catch up with the industry, statewide and nationwide, that’s going to be a huge factor. The main reason is going to be quality control and regulating the process of how all of these products are made. That’s a good thing. It’s better for consumers, distributors, everyone. That is catching up with demand. Right now, regulators are slow to catch up. The market is exploding with customers, young to 90 years old. People are using CBD products and they are coming back because they see results.”

Jacqueline Martinez, manager, Texas Best Botanicals
“I know a lot of people who are interested in what will happen when marijuana becomes legal. When it does, that will help a lot of people, but I think that CBD will be important to people who can’t have THC because of their job, medical reasons or personal reasons. CBD has done so many amazing things that I think the industry will just continue to grow.”

Adil Ali, owner, Alien Smokeshop/Alien Botanicals
“I think it’s going to help the recreational side more, because a lot of people don’t want to get too high, or they want to be able to work without worrying over the anxiety of work. People deal with some sort of anxiety, whether it’s school, work, personal, family stuff. I think it’ll help the medicinal side, too. Not that many people want to take regular medicine that’s prescribed to them that’s damaging their liver, or they’re not able to deal with the reality of life. CBD helps them to live their life.”

Brenda Jordan, co-owner, Simple Leaf Botanicals
“I think the future of CBD in Texas looks very bright, just based on experiences we’ve had the last six months we’ve been in business. It seems to help a lot of people with multiple maladies, and we just think there will be more CBD out there for medicinal purposes. We’re waiting to see what will happen with laws in Texas. Right now, we feel like everything is a green light. There are also things happening with the [U.S. Food and Drug Administration], how they will regulate the industry. We feel some regulation is coming in the near future, but we feel that future is bright. We only see CBD growing more and more, and you’ll start seeing it as an everyday thing on every street corner.”
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