Monday, February 9, 2009

What U Need: Coffee, T-shirts

Posted on Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 6:31 PM

Just a little quick housekeeping business. The DIY T-shirt movement is in full swing in SA, with a reuse/recycle bent. Which means the best new place to get/inspire a T-shirt is: Fl!ght gallery, at 1906 S. Flores ( You can get a "Fuck the Police" screen (rumored to be inspired by a not-so-friendly run-in with the po-po), "We're War," Michael Jackson is so money (pictogram), "i like beuys" (also used by bunnyphonic for a clever belt buckle last year), the item modeled by Justin Parr here ("this show would be cool if it was at taco land") and so on.

Created/designed by local artists, they have a particularly SA philosophy. $12 for new, $6 used. Bring ideas, shirts. Open on Second Saturday (aka Valentine's Day) with a special musical appearance.

One more good reason to frequent the downtown library: the Java Nook, an adorably cozy and sunny java shop that's open very civil hours: 7am-9:30pm Mon-Thu, plus weekend hours.



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