Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Merykid album giveaway at Gatsby

Posted on Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 1:49 PM

Local one-man band Nick "Merykid" Mery will be passing out free copies of his album Merykid: Live @ The Magic Attic at his show tonight (Tuesday, July 28) at the Gatsby. Admission is $5, and Blowing Trees is also scheduled to play.

The flurry of Merykid press releases I've been getting all describe his sound as a combination of "Radiohead and Jason Mraz." To me that's an unappealing matchup I wouldn't want to advertise, similar to a candy commercial describing its product's taste as a combination of "chocolate and being abandoned by your parents at a mall food court," but whatever, Merykid.

Though I can see what the PR is getting at, the Merykid stuff I've heard isn't as bad as the Mraz/Radiohead mashup it's made out to be, but decide for yourself. Watch the video for Merykid's "Clean Freak Ghost" above, then listen to this clip I found of Mraz covering a bunch of shit, most blasphemously "Paranoid Android." And if you like Merykid's hat in the above video, you can download his Corduroy Crown EP, which appears to be an entire concept album about it, for free here.

Mechanicsville_paranoid android (radiohead cover) - Jason Mraz



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