Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Royalette Flush: An Email Mystery

Posted on Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 6:26 PM

Text from an actual email, that's also posted in a blog forum of some sort at neighbors.denverpost.com:

from: Carol verdon <stolenferrets@yahoo.com>

to: "ewolff@sacurrent.com" <ewolff@sacurrent.com>

date: Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 5:07 PM

subject: Royalette, she was America's lucky winner!

mailed-by: yahoo.com

signed-by: yahoo.com

5:07 PM (18 minutes ago)

Royalette, she was America's lucky winner!

In 1994; a man named Eddie, worked for the “good old American dream!” With his newly married wife, Eddie was ready for the world. He would work at a warehouse put in his good work and then return home to see his spouse. His wife showed Eddie, as they were watching TV, a ferret. Eddie, had no idea what the animal was at the time? Eddie, soon loved the exoticness of the animal, almost right away.

One day Eddie and his wife went to Reno, NV. They went to the pet shop and seen ferrets for the first time in their life. Eddie, wanted a ferret but didn't have enough money to buy a ferret he was sad. The following day, Eddie and his wife went to do a little gambling in Sparks NV. Eddie, seen this no-name casino, well actually it was call the “B Street Casino.” Eddie and his wife played the machines, while not having much luck thought. Eddie, used his final dollars playing poker! The machine dealt Eddie, a Royal Flush of


Eddie, went right away to the pet store and got him a ferret! He bought some antiques as well. The three of them went home happily. Eddie, has a ferret, won on a leap of faith with a “Royal Flush hand,” It was only right to name her ”Royalette.” In remembrance to the Royal Flush per say. So, Eddie did as the new lucky member to his new family!


While watching television, I remember watching the “Trio of Frogs,” during the Super Bowl. Eddie, knew he wanted to start collecting Budweiser Memorabilia. While Eddie, had Royalette out, Eddie, went to make some popcorn in the kitchen. When he came back to the couch, Eddie's new friend Royalette, had grabbed Eddie's Budweiser beer and was drinking the beer for sometime already?

Eddie seen it right there, that a new “Super Bowl Commercial Star,” has been born!!!!

Eddie, joined a Anheuser-Busch Collectors Club in 1995 and sent in stories of ferrets along with detailed drawings. Eddie wants to leave the American public this message. “ I just thought, the people of America should know who the ferret was and how it came about! “

In Loving Memory: of Royalette;

This email, whose address, suspiciously, is "stolenferrets@yahoo.com, came with a phone number, where I left a message, because I'm curious. There are in fact Super Bowl ads featuring a ferret. Perhaps inspired by the slippery ferret muse Royalette?

This email also makes me sad: Royalette -- a beloved companion and home entertainer of great charm and skill, a symbol of the American Dream's simpler times -- has died?

If this is some sort of internet hoax, I'll be pissed -- dead pets are no joking matter. Even ferrets.

Anyone, got a clue?



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