Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The speeches of Peaches

Posted on Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 12:35 PM

The Queen of Electrocrap responds to the Current

Bryan Rindfuss: First of all, the coolest kids in town are thrilled that San Antonio is on your tour schedule, any particular feelings about Texas?

Peaches: It's big, real big. I'm waiting for the Bush daughters to show up at my show all drunk and horny!

BR: The video for your somewhat serious song “Lose You,” has a comical intro. Is the song about an actual love triangle?

P: No, it's more of a hope to keep something you love last.

BR: I first heard your music when a friend brought The Teaches of Peaches back from Europe after “Fuck the Pain Away” was featured on the Prada runway, sending everyone into a tizzy before the album was released in the U.S. Was this planned in any way?

P: Not planned at all, and I never ever was contacted by Prada...

BR: “Fuck the Pain Away,” went major without the help of radio or MTV, were there ever plans to create radio-friendly versions of your songs?

P: No need to. It makes it even cooler that way, and you can hear it on South Park, Season 13, Episode 9.

BR: I'm fascinated that you love Joni Mitchell, do you write folk songs when no one is watching?

P: I started in folk with a band called Mermaid Cafe named after a Joni Mitchell lyric.

BR: Being a gay icon must be exhausting. I'm curious how you would prioritize the following “club-members” for a girls' night out or a quiet evening at home: Sandra Bernhard, Donna Summer, Madonna, Grace Jones, Ellen DeGeneres, Barbara Streisand, Rachel Maddow.

P: Everyone would be invited for demonstration on how to female ejaculate and we will see who sticks around. I have a feeling the night would end up with just me, Grace, and Sandra.

BR: After working with Iggy Pop, where do you go from there? Who's on your dream list of collaboration partners?

P: I still want to collaborate with Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

BR: When I saw you at the Knitting Factory in New York around 2002, you did a cover of Joan Jett's “Bad Reputation.” Any similar surprises for this tour?

P: So many surprises!!!

BR: Have you ever run into one of your former drama students at a Peaches show?

P: Yes, they love it.

BR: May I please take you and your band out for tacos after your Nov. 1 show in San Antonio? It's just down the street, it's delicious, and it's on me.

P: We love to eat after the show and we can't get tacos in Berlin, so I would love that.



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