Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andrew Update

Posted on Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 1:19 PM

To lay the rumors to rest (waiter underground gossip can go viral very quickly): no, Il Sogno is not turning into a pizzeria, and, also no, Exec. Chef Luca Della Casa is not leaving “for the foreseeable future.” According to Andrew Weissman, who should know, there will be some menu changes, however.

“Things have gotten a little unruly,” says Weissman. “There are currently 40 items on the menu, and we had 19 antipasti last night. We want to go back to having more dishes come out of the oven, but we're only adding one pizza.” The idea is to be more focused, to be able to make everything “the best in show.”

“It's an evolutionary processâ??just as it was at Le Rêve. We've been extremely successful, but we just need to tighten the screws,” he confided. The tightening includes going from 40 to about 25 menu items and instituting the same menu lunch and dinner. (This is useful in the kitchen, of course, in that prep work for both services is the sameâ??but it likely also means a higher average lunch tab. Get used to it or stick to pizza and salad at midday.) The changes should be in place by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Things will continue to evolve at Il Sogno says Weissman. And in news of other evolution, a name has been picked for his gourmet trailer park. The new place, scheduled to open sometime in November at Ave. B. & Jones Ave. on the river, will be called “The Luxury”, with a tag that reads something like “Haute Trailer Cuisine.” If his research on the potential utilization of used shipping containers pans out, however, that tag may have to change to Haute Container Cuisine. Or not, as that begins to sound a little too much like takeout, however upscale it may be.



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