Brunch Rules: 10 Guidelines to Abide By for a Stellar Experience

Brunch Rules: 10 Guidelines to Abide By for a Stellar Experience
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Brunch is supposed to be fast and loose, but there is merit to some structure. As an avid fan who tries to make it out of the house by 10ish so as to avoid the onslaught of still-drunk brunchers, I tend to stick with a certain set of rules that allow for optimal good times. Remember, these is for your own good. 

1. Make reservations: 
San Anto, it's time we all get with the program. Long gone are the days when we could roll outta bed and stroll into a delicious brunch. If reservations are available, do yourself and others a favor and make them. Open Table is your friend, so is not waiting an hour to get seated. 

2. Have a Snack:
Listen fam, hanger is real. And of all people, I'm one of the worst offenders. But I refuse to storm into a restaurant with a list of cantankerous demands especially if the situation could have been avoided. Don't go to a ridiculously popular spot if you're already feeling peckish. Grab a handful of nuts as you're headed out the door. You're not you when you're hungry and no one likes a bitchy guest.

3. Have fun with it:
Brunch isn't supposed to be serious. Leave your bullshit, uppity attitude at the door. Go in ready to have a great time, with or without bottomless mimosas.

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