My bunny valentines

If Alice Cooper and Dita Von Teese ever pushed out a herd of love babies, they would most definitely be the Devil Bunnies. Part glam metal, part vulnerable vixens, and part swift kick in the balls, the four members of this horror-themed San Antonio burlesque troupe are named after a sassy Thrill Kill Kult song — and they mean business.

The plot to dominate the local burlesque circuit dates back to 2008, when the Bunnies first began performing at clubs and parties. But these women have really jelled as a group over the last six months, excelling in their recognizable brand of the sexy and sadistic. I pinned down members Kassy Luvjoy and Rose Muñoz for an interview recently and found it hard to believe these nice girls were the same women I saw torment and eviscerate an “angel” on stage two weeks before. I was helplessly smitten from the first time I caught them nibbling on the innocent’s bloody entrails as Massive Attack’s “Angel” thumped in the background.

The Bunnies describe their style as “Sideshow Burlesque,” employing everything from classic pin-up to gore. Every girl brings something different to the mix. Luvjoy says it’s their “goal as women to not just show one group of people doing burlesque. We want to catch someone’s attention without showing it all.” Hallelujah. Because let’s face it, anyone can strip. We all do that every single day.

Muñoz has been organizing burlesque events for years, Bitefest being the most notable. The Bunnies performed a blood bath number at the first Bitefest at Ruta Maya (now Korova) in 2008, splashing the good stuff all over the floor, the walls, and the audience. People were absolutely shocked, but hey, they remembered it, and folks are still talking about it. That’s one way to judge great performance art.

Luvjoy praises the humor-horror performance band Gwar and uses a power grinder on her fellow Bunnies, sending sparks and terror shooting into the air. Muñoz, the more demure of the pair, says she’s particularly inspired by “Japanese horror flicks and comic books,” and that comes across on stage. They also utilize fire and knives during the act, so it’s no wonder men trip over themselves after seeing them.

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If you’re interested in seeing the Bunnies in action, and believe me, YOU ARE, the aptly-titled show “My Bloody Valentine” is happening February 12 in the basement of Revolution Room. All of the Bunnies (Luvjoy and Muñoz, along with La Chela and Jenn o’ Syde) will have solo performances, as will other local burlesque staples Ratchet Von Nightmare, Black Orchid, and Melanie Cassie. I’m excited about the spanking booth, where you can “choose your weapon; no hands allowed!” If you’re single, there will be speed dating; if you’re high, there will be a magician named Gambit. If you want a bloody mess, there will be a “splash zone” with Luvjoy’s solo. Alyson Alonso and The Sandworms will provide musical entertainment. Maybe you want to dip your toe into the burlesque action? There’s also an amateur burlesque contest with great prizes for the winner. I’m exhausted and aroused just typing about it. •

Devil Bunnies: My Bloody Valentine


10pm-2am Sat, Feb 12

Revolution Room

8123 Broadway

(210) 320-4567

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